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  • 軌道自行車遊舊山線(1)

    Miaoli's Rail Bike

    Another way to see Miaoli. (CNA)

  • 迷你果嶺杯子蛋糕

    Celebrating the LPGA in Taiwan

    Special desserts for the upcoming LPGA Taiwan Tournament on Oct. 22 (CNA)

  • 早晚天氣有涼意 騎士添衣保暖

    Autumn is here

    People are wrapping up in the morning in the cooler weather. (CNA)

  • 史帝夫馬提諾分享史努比電影創作(1)

    Snoopy and Steve Martino

    Steve Martino, the director of the animated film "The Peanuts Movie", is in Taipei to share his works. (CNA photo) 

  • 馬總統接見副總理李察斯(1)

    A friend from afar

    President Ma Ying-jeou met Saint Kitts and Nevis' Deputy Prime Minister Shawn Richards in Taipei. (CNA photo) 

  • Blind cyclists circle Taiwan!

    Blind cyclists circle Taiwan!

    More than a dozen visually impaired cyclists and their coaches returned to Taipei on Sunday after a 9-day trip on tandem bikes around Taiwan. The event was sponsored by the Taiwan Ahgan Spiritual Awareness Association and the Blind Stokers Club. (photo by Andrew Ryan)

  • 午後國道多處塞  國5車速最慢(1)

    Heading home

    There was congestion along Highway Number 5 on Sunday evening, as vacationers headed home at the end of a three-day National Day weekend. (CNA photo)

  • 東港燒王船 替身仔改運解厄

    Offering up in flames

    In the early hours of Sunday morning, the faithful in Pingtung county's Donggang burned a "Wang Boat" as an offering for their ancestors. (CNA photo)

  • Interview with Guy Wittich

  • Taiwan Today speaks with human rights activist Miss World Canada 2015 Anastasia Lin

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  • Interview with Joseph Chen, Corporate Consultant (Part II)

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  • Billy Chang, Asia's Got Talent semi-finalist (Part I)

  • Billy Chang, Asia's Got Talent semi-finalist (Part II)

Broadcast dates: 2015-10-08 00:29:15 Host: Paula Chao
Chinese to Go

Broadcast dates: Oct 8, 10

Host: Huang Shih-han




A: 我的魚尾紋越來越多,

wo3de0 yü2wei3wen2 yüe4lai2yüe4duo1

(Literally: My fish tail lines more and more.)

I have more and more crow’s feet.


真討厭! zhen1tao3yan4

(Literally: Really annoying!)

[It’s] really annoying!


B: 其實你也不用那麼在意皺紋啊,

qi2shi2 ni3 ye3bu2yong4 na4me0 zai4yi4 zhou4wen2 a0

(Literally: Actually you also no need to that care about wrinkles.)

Actually you don’t really care that much about [your] wrinkles.



ren2 ben3lai2 jiu4hui4lao3

(Literally: People by nature will age.)

[It’s] natural that people get old.


A: 可是我不只有魚尾紋,

ke3shi4 wo3 bu4zhi3you3 yü2wei3wen2

(Literally: But I not only have fish tail lines)

But I don’t just have crow’s feet;



wo3 hai2you3 fa3ling4wen2 gen1 tai2tou2wen2 ye0

(Literally: I also have law lines and raise head lines.)

I also have worry lines and laugh lines.




我的 wo3de0

my; mine


魚尾紋 yü2wei3wen2

(literally “fish tail line”) crow’s feet, or wrinkles in the outer corner of the eyes


越來越 yüe4lai2yüe4

a construction that shows an increase or decrease in degree, depending on the adjective or adverb that follows


多 duo1

more; many


真 zhen1



討厭 tao3yan4



其實 qi2shi2



你 ni3

you (singular)


也 ye3



不用 bu2yong4

no need to


那麼 na4me0



在意 zai4yi4

to care


皺紋 zhou4wen2



人 ren2

person; people


本來 ben3lai2

by nature


就 jiu4

an auxiliary confirming and stressing the verb that follows


會 hui4

to be going to


老 lao3

to age


可是 ke3shi4

but; however


不只 bu4zhi3

not only


有 you3

to have


還 hai2

in addition”


法令紋 fa3ling4wen2

(literally “law lines”) laugh lines, the two skin folds that run from each side of the nose to the corners of the mouth


法令 fa3ling4

law; regulation


跟 gen1



抬頭紋 tai2tou2wen2

(literally “raise head lines”) worry lines, or wrinkles on your forehead