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  • 挑戰最多人騎獨輪車

    Nw world record

    Taiwan's northern county of Taoyuan is about to set a new Guinness World Record for the most people on unicycles, with the participation of almost 3,000 people. (CNA photo)

  • 高雄圓山展受刑人巨型砂畫創作

    Prison art

    A massive sand painting depicting Jade Mountain, the highest peak of Taiwan, by a prison inmate in now on display in Grand Hotel, Kaohsiung. (CNA photo)

  • LPGA第2輪 曾雅妮開球

    The Fubon LPGA Taiwan Championship continues

    Former world No. 1, Yani Tseng from Taiwan, tees off at the Fubon LPGA Taiwan Championship, the Taiwan leg of the LPGA tour.  (CNA photo)

  • 警局前鬼影幢幢

    Trick or treat!

    Almost 200 children in fancy dresses trick-or-treat at a police station in suburban Taipei. (CNA photo)

  • 馬英九陪連勝文開心吃麵線


    President Ma Ying-jeou and Taipei Mayoral candidate Sean Lien enjoy local cuisine at a campaign stop. (CNA photo)

  • Kitty機首航巴黎

    Hello Paris!

    Eva Air Hello Kitty planes are now flying to Paris. (CNA photo)

  • 喚青年返鄉投票 公民募資

    Get out the vote

    Civic groups are organizing a "Get out the vote" drive. More than 22 charter buses will be available for people who need to return to their hometown to vote. (CNA photo)

  • 泰安雪霸甜柿報到(1)

    It's persimmon season!

    Taiwanese persimmons are in season now! (CNA photo)

  • Interview with Chris Carnahan of Taipei Trends

  • Interview with Robert Chung, doctor of anesthesia

  • Entrepreneur Ping Chu 朱平talks about his book Be the Change

  • Aveda’s Taiwan founder Ping Chu 朱平shares his approach to building happy successful businesses

  • Ho Chie Tsai shares about his journey as a Taiwanese-American

  • Interview with Ethan Garcia of o3-Fitness

  • Interview with A-vai, folk singer of Taiwan

  • Interview with Paul Cheng, heavyweight MMA fighter

Broadcast dates: 2014-10-30 00:00:00 Host: Huang Shih-han

Broadcast date: October 30, 2014

Host: Huang Shih-han




A: 您好,我要訂位,

nín hǎo,wǒ yào dìng wèi

(Literally: Hello, I want to book seat.)

Hi, I would like to make a reservation.



zhōng wǔ shí èr diǎn bàn liǎng wèi

(Literally: Noon twelve half two.)

A table for two at twelve thirty, please?


B: 不好意思,我們午餐只有兩個時段:

bù hǎo yì sī,wǒ men wǔ cān zhǐ yǒu liǎng ge shí duàn

(Literally: Sorry, we lunch only has two time slots.)

Sorry, we only have two lunchtime sittings



shí yī diǎn bàn dào yī/yì diǎn,hái yǒu yī diǎn dào liǎng diǎn bàn

(Literally: Eleven half until one, and one until two thirty.)

the first from eleven thirty to one o'clock and the second from one to two thirty.


A: 這樣啊,十一點半吃午餐太早了,

zhè yàng a,shí yī diǎn bàn chī wǔ cān tài zǎo le

(Literally: This way. Eleven half eat lunch too early.)

Oh, I see. Eleven thirty is rather early for lunch.



nà wǒ dìng yī/yì diǎn bàn hǎo le

(Literally: Then I book one half OK.)

In that case it had better be one thirty.




您好nín hǎo

hello (polite)


我 wǒ

I; me


要 yào

to want to


訂位 dìng wèi

to book a seat


中午 zhōng wǔ



十二點 shí èr diǎn

twelve o’clock


半 bàn



十二點半 shí èr diǎn bàn

twelve thirty


兩 liǎng wèi

a more spoken way of saying “two”


位 wèi

a measure word for people.


不好意思 bù hǎo yì sī

sorry; excuse me


我們 wǒ men

we; us


午餐 wǔ cān



只 zhǐ



有 yǒu

to have


個 ge

the most common measure word in Chinese


時段 shí duàn

time slot


十一點半 shí yī diǎn bàn

eleven thirty


到 dào



一點 yī/yì diǎn

one o’clock


還有 hái yǒu



兩點半 liǎng diǎn bàn

two thirty


這樣 zhè yàng

this way


吃 chī

to eat


太 tài






那 nà



訂 dìng

to book; to reserve


好了 hǎo le

an expression indicating concession