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  • 肉眼可見彗星 12月上旬後現身

    Comet Catalina

    Taipei Astronomical Museum said Comet Catalina will be visible by the naked eye from the end of 2015 to early 2016. (CNA)

  • 台北花市日本展  藍星花繽紛登場

    Rare Japanese Flowers

    A variety of Japanese flowers are taking part in the Taipei flower exhibition. Some species, including Sweet pea and Shaggy dward morning-glory are Japanese-exclusive and not planted anywhere in Taiwan. (CNA)

  • 泰國水燈節 情侶放水燈

    Loi Krathong festival

    The Loi Krathong is a festival celebrated in the southwestern Tai cultures, including Thailand, Lao, Shan and other countries. The name translates to "to float a basket", as it comes from the tradition of people making decorated baskets and floating on rivers. (CNA)

  • 偵爆犬協助桃機機艙安檢(1)

    Tightening Security

    Bomb-siffing dogs will be deployed at Taoyuan International Airport Thursday evening as part of tighter security measures. (Photo Courtesy: Taipei Customs, Customs Administration) (CNA)

  • 屏東老埤走鏢夜祭重現(2)

    New Life for Old Traditions

    A traditional Plains Aboriginal festival is revived Thursday in southern Taiwan's Pingtung County after a half-century hiatus. (Photo Courtesy: Cultural Affairs Department of Pingtung County) (CNA)

  • 冷氣團發威 越晚越冷(2)

    Taipei Bundles Up

    Northern Taiwan has seen the coldest temperatures of the season so far, with a low of 13 C forecast for Taipei on Thursday. (CNA)

  • 氣溫再下降(1)

    The Start of Winter?

    Temperatures dropped around Taiwan Wedensday, with a further drop below 20C expected Wednesday night in the north. (CNA)

  • 馬總統晨騎日月潭自行車道(2)

    Saving Energy, Reducing Carbon

    President Ma Ying-jeou (front) leads a group on a cycling path at Sun Moon Lake on Wednesday, the second day of an "energy saving, carbon reducing" tour. (CNA)

  • RTI interviews President of Kiribati, President Anote Tong

  • 【央廣英語】Interview with Mr.Rolf Frei, Swiss representative

  • Interview with Roma and Manav Mehta of Red Room(Part I)

  • Interview with Roma and Manav Mehta of Red Room(Part II)

  • Interview with award-winning journalist Kathy Chen

  • Interview with Kathy Chen, wife of AIT Director Kin Moy

  • Interview with Brazilian representative to Taiwan, Mr.Fabio Guimarães Franco

  • Interview with Guy Wittich

Broadcast dates: 2015-11-26 00:42:47 Host: Paula Chao
Chinese to Go

Broadcast dates: November 26, 28

Host: Huang Shih-han




A: 你穿這麼隨便去面試很不恰當耶。

ni3chuan1zhe4me0 sui2bian4 qü4mian4shi4 hen3bu2qia4dang4 ye0

(Literally: You wear this informally go to face test very not appropriate.)

It’s inappropriate to wear something this informal to a job interview.


B: 隨便啦, sui2bian4la0

(Literally: Whatever.)




fan3zheng4 zhi3shi4 da3gong1 mei2cha1la0

(Literally: Anyway just part-time work. No difference.)

Anyway [it’s] just a part-time job. What difference does [it make]?


A: 你就是因為態度隨便,

ni3jiu4shi4 yin1wei4 tai4du4 sui2bian4

(Literally: You precisely because attitude mindless)

[It’s] precisely because of your mindless attitude



suo3yi3 zhao3gong1zuo4 dou1mei2you3 xia4wen2

(Literally: so looking for job all not have following text.)

that [your] job searching has never come to anything.




你 ni3



穿 chuan1

to wear


這麼 zhe4me0

(adverb) this; so


隨便 sui2bian4

1)      informal; casual

2)      whatever

3)      mindless


去 qü4

to go


面試 mian4shi4

(literally “face test”) interview


很 hen3



不 bu4(2)

no; not


恰當 qia4dang4



反正 fan3zheng4

anyway (used to emphasize that whatever has happened in the first situation, the result is the same)


只是 zhi3shi4



打工 da3gong1

to work part-time (often in a temporary job)


沒 mei2

no; not; without


差 cha1



就是 jiu4shi4

used to add emphasis


因為 yin1wei4



態度 tai4du4



所以 suo3yi3

therefore; as a result


找 zhao3

to look for


工作 gong1zuo4



都 dou1



沒有 mei2you3



下文 xia4wen2

(literally “following text”) further development; outcome