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  • 溫網女單  謝淑薇擊敗勁敵


    Taiwanese tennis player Hsieh Su-wei beat Kaia Kanepi of Estonia 6-1, 6-4  to make it to the second round of the Wimbledon women's singles. (CNA photo)

  • 黑狗兄亂竄國道 車輛緊急煞車追撞

    Jaywalking dogs

    Two dogs running across a national freeway caused a series of car collisions. Fortunately no casulties were reported. (CNA photo)

  • YA 放暑假(1)

    No more school!

    Children leave school with a smile on their faces because a two-months long summer vacation begins. (CNA photo)

  • 洪秀柱出席青年餐會

    Hung Hsiu-chu seeking support from Taiwan's young people

    KMT presidential hopeful Hung Hsiu-chu (left) Monday attended a youth gathering. (CNA photo) 

  • 林書豪訓練菜單(2)

    Jeremy Lin is back!

    The NBA star shared his training experience with Taiwanese fans. (CNA photo) 

  • 台股又綠了(2)

    No gains on Taiwan Stock Exchange

    Shares in Taiwan closed down 2.39% due to the Greek debt crisis. (CNA photo) 

  • 八仙樂園粉塵爆炸(2)

    Everyday heroes

    Partygoers use rafts to carry out the injuried after an explosion ripped through an outdoor party at the Formosa Fun Coast water park in New Taipei on Saturday night. (CNA photo)

  • 新北消防局調查八仙塵爆

    The day after...

    A Formosa Fun Coast venue lies empty, save for discarded belongings, on the day after an explosion injured hundreds there on Saturday night. (CNA photo)

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Broadcast dates: 2015-06-25 09:27:47 Host: Huang Shih-han

Chinese to Go 425

Broadcast dates: June 25, 27

Host: Huang Shih-han




A: 我有個朋友把狗留在車上,

wǒ yǒu ge péng yǒu bǎ gǒu liú zài chē shàng

(Literally: I have friend dog left car on.)

A friend of mine left his dog in the car



jié guǒ gǒu zhòng shǔ sǐ le ye

(Literally: as a result dog suffering heatstroke died!)

and the dog died of heatstroke.


B: 你朋友太沒常識了吧!

nǐ péng yǒu tài méi cháng shì le ba

(Literally: You friend too without common knowledge!)

Your friend really doesn’t have much common sense.


A: 對啊,他很傷心,

duì a tā hěn shāng xīn

(Literally: Yeah, he very sad.)

Yeah, he’s very sad



kě shì yě lái bù jí le

(Literally: But also too late.)

but it’s too late.




我 wǒ

I; me


有 yǒu

to have


個 ge

the most common measure word in Chinese


朋友 péng yǒu



把 bǎ

(grammar) a sentence with the character把is a sentence in which the object of the sentence appears after the subject and before the verb


狗 gǒu



留 liú

1)    to stay; to remain

2)    to leave sb/sth


在 zài

a particle indicating a location


車 chē

car; vehicle


上 shàng



結果 jié guǒ

as a result; consequently”


中暑 zhòng shǔ

to suffer from heatstroke


死 sǐ

to die


了 le

a particle indicating that an action is complete


你 nǐ

1)    you (singular)

2)    (short for 你的 nǐde) your


太 tài



沒 méi

no; not; without


常識 cháng shì

(literally “common knowledge”) common sense


對啊 duì a

(colloquial) yeah


他 tā

he; him


很 hěn



傷心 shāng xīn



可是 kě shì



也 yě



來不及 lái bù jí

too late