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  • 戰機操演 吸引人潮(3)


    People watch the Han Kuang exercises on Tuesday. (CNA)

  • 新北無車日 UBike串雙北

    Car Free Day

    New Taipei City announced that September 28 will be Car Free Day. (CNA)

  • 郝龍斌參觀水逐跡特展(2)

    Water art

    Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin visits the "Run for Water, Water for Run" exhibit at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. (CNA)

  • 四川巴塘縣合唱團來台交流

    Friendly dance

    A children's choir from China put on Tibetan songs and dances when they visited a local elementary school in Taipei on Monday. (CNA photo)

  • 陳劭彥新作  靈感來自梵谷

    Design from Taiwan

    Taiwanese designer Chen Shao-yen shows his work at London Fashion Week. (CNA photo)

  • 月兔變成火燒兔

    Up in flames

    The Moon Rabbit featured at the Taoyuan Landscape Art Festival went up in flames on Monday. (CAN photo)

  • 花壇戰備跑道

    Highway landing

    Taiwan's air force is planning to hold exercises on Tuesday in which they land fighter jets on a stretch of highway (such as the one in the photo) designated as a backup runway. (CNA file photo)

  • 920登記結婚  台中市送對杯

    "Love you for a lifetime"

    The date "2014/9/20" in Chinese sounds like "Love you for a lifetime, only love you", so Taichung City will give out special mugs to the first 500 couples that marry on that day. (CNA photo)

  • Entrepreneur Ping Chu 朱平talks about his book Be the Change

  • Aveda’s Taiwan founder Ping Chu 朱平shares his approach to building happy successful businesses

  • Ho Chie Tsai shares about his journey as a Taiwanese-American

  • Interview with Ethan Garcia of o3-Fitness

  • Interview with A-vai, folk singer of Taiwan

  • Interview with Paul Cheng, heavyweight MMA fighter

  • Interview with Andy Kincart of Eco-Cha

  • Interview with Joshua Xu, the Iron Man Doctor

Broadcast dates: 2014-09-11 00:00:00 Host: Huang Shih-han

Broadcast date: September 11, 2014

Host: Huang Shih-han




A: 樓下那個人是誰?

lóu xià nà ge rén shì sheí

(Literally: Downstairs that person is who?)

Who’s that downstairs?


B: 他是新管理員。

tā shì xīn guǎn lǐ yuán

(Literally: He is new management personnel.)

That’s our new concierge.


A: 啊,這提醒我我們該付管理費了。

a,zhè tí xǐng wǒ wǒ men gāi fù guǎn lǐ fèi le

(Literally: Ah, this reminds me we have to pay management fees.)

Oh, yes. That reminds me. We have to pay the building management fees.


B: 又要付啦?

yòu yào fù la

(Literally: Again have to pay?)

Again? Already?


A: 一季付一次,

yí jì fù yí cì

(Literally: One quarter pay once.)

We pay once every quarter



guǎn lǐ fèi bāo kuò qīng jié gōng de gōng zī、lè sè chǔ lǐ fèi,hái yǒu qí tā zá shì

(Literally: )

and it covers the cleaning staff, refuse removal and all the other stuff.




樓下 lóu xià



樓上 lóu shàng



那 nà



個 ge

the most common measure word in Chinese


人 rén

person; people


是 shì



誰 sheí



他 tā

he; him


新 xīn



管理員 guǎn lǐ yuán

(literally “management personnel”) concierge; caretaker


啊 a

ah (the sound in Chinese when you suddenly remember something)


這 zhè



提醒 tí xǐng

to remind


我 wǒ

I; me


我們wǒ men

we; us



to have to


付 fù

to pay


管理費 guǎn lǐ fèi

management fees


管理 guǎn lǐ

to manage; management


費 fèi



又 yòu



要 yào

to have to


一季 yí jì

a quarter


一 yī/yí/yì




quarter; season


一次 yí cì



次 cì

time (in terms of frequency)


包括 bāo kuò

to include


清潔工 qīng jié gōng



清潔 qīng jié



工 gōng



工資 gōng zī



垃圾 lè sè



處理 chǔ lǐ



還有 hái yǒu



其他 qí tā



雜事 zá shì

(literally “miscellaneous affairs”) a variety of chores