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  • 北市贈懷舊公車月曆(1)

    Remembering the past

    A calendar features buses from the past 70 years. (CNA)

  • 新北推減塑政策 包裝變垃圾袋

    Eco-friendly packaging

    New Taipei City promotes packaging that can double as trash bags. (CNA)

  • 幾米人偶遭塗鴉 修復完成

    Good as new

    Artist Jimmy's figures are repainted after being vandalized at the Yilan picture-book themed park. (CNA)

  • 柯文哲:伊波拉病毒遲早進來

    Preparation is the key

    Independent candidate for Taipei mayor Ko Wen-je says that Taiwan must prepare for the Ebola virus. (CNA)

  • 台灣文創產品  曼谷吸睛

    Made in Taiwan

    Taiwanese companies show off their goods at an exhibition in Bangkok. (CNA)

  • 國王企鵝寶寶:看我有多重

    Penguin Power

    The Taipei Zoo says that its latest addition, a baby penguin, has been growing "like a balloon". (Photo Courtesy Taipei Zoo) (CNA)

  • 行動餐車烤蚵夯(1)

    Freshly baked oysters!

    Chiou Yung-jen gave up his job in the high tech industry to set up a food truck offering his family's oysters, in an effort to promote the local food of his home town. (CNA photo)

  • 景色優美 澄清湖環教場所開張

    Model lake

    Kaohsiung's Chengching Lake has been selected by the Environmental Protection Administration as a certified environmental education venue for its water cleaning plant. (CNA photo)

  • Entrepreneur Ping Chu 朱平talks about his book Be the Change

  • Aveda’s Taiwan founder Ping Chu 朱平shares his approach to building happy successful businesses

  • Ho Chie Tsai shares about his journey as a Taiwanese-American

  • Interview with Ethan Garcia of o3-Fitness

  • Interview with A-vai, folk singer of Taiwan

  • Interview with Paul Cheng, heavyweight MMA fighter

  • Interview with Andy Kincart of Eco-Cha

  • Interview with Joshua Xu, the Iron Man Doctor

Broadcast dates: 2014-10-16 00:00:00 Host: Huang Shih-han

Broadcast date: October 16, 2014

Host: Huang Shih-han




A: 小姐久等了,

xiǎo jiě jiǔ děng le

(Literally: Ms. long waited.)

Thank you for waiting, Ma'am.



xiàn zài wèi nín shàng cài

(Literally: Now for you present dish.)

Here is your food.


B: 我沒有點魚,

wǒ méi yǒu diǎn yú

(Literally: I didn’t order fish.)

I didn't order the fish.



wǒ diǎn de shì yáng pái

(Literally: I ordered is lamb chop.)

I ordered lamb chop.


A: 很抱歉,我們一定是弄錯了,

hěn bào qiàn,wǒ men yí dìng shì nòng cuò le

(Literally: Very sorry. We definitely are make mistake.)

I'm very sorry. There must have been a mix-up.



wǒ huì mǎ shàng chǔ lǐ

(Literally: I will immediately tackle.)

I'll see to it straightaway.


B: 麻煩快一點,

má fán kuài yī/yì diǎn

(Literally: Trouble quick a bit.)

Please make it quick.



wǒ gǎn shí jiān

(Literally: I rush time.)

I’m in a rush.




小姐 xiǎo jiě

Miss; Ms.


久等 jiǔ děng

(literally “long wait”) to wait for a long time


了 le

a particle indicating that the action is complete


現在 xiàn zài



為 wèi



您 nín

you (singular, a more respectful form of 你 nǐ)


上菜 shàng cài

to bring a dish to the table


上 shàng

to present; to bring


菜 cài

(literally “vegetable”) dish


我 wǒ

I; me


沒有 méi yǒu

no; not; without


點 diǎn

to order


魚 yú



是 shì



羊排 yáng pái

lamb chop


很 hěn



抱歉 bào qiàn



我們 wǒ men

we; us


一定 yí dìng

certainly; definitely


弄錯 nòng cuò

(literally “to make mistake”) a mix-up


會 huì

to be going to


馬上 mǎ shàng

(literally “on the horse”) immediately


處理 chǔ lǐ

to deal with


麻煩 má fán

(literally “trouble”) please


快 kuài



一點 yī/yì diǎn

1)    a bit

2)    a cue for a comparative


趕 gǎn

to rush


時間 shí jiān