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  • 看歌仔戲邊玩APP 傳藝推互動劇

    I got a part

    Yilan's National Center for Traditional Arts comes up with an interactive App for anyone interested in playing a role in traditional Taiwanese operas. (CNA photo)

  • 澎湖南海之星2號交通船試航(1)

    Taxi on water

    The Nanhai Star No. 2 shuttle boat for transport among islands of the offshore Penghu archipelago conducts a test drive. (CNA photo)

  • 屏市國民運動中心 8月試營運(2)

    Out of the heat

    A new national sports center opens in Pingtung city. Except for the swimming pool, everything else is free for use by citizens. (CNA photo)

  • 化學奧林匹亞競賽 台生奪4金

    Four golds!

    Taiwan wins four golds at the International Chemistry Olympiad, putting Taiwan in first place along with Russia, South Korea and China. (CNA)

  • 江蕙邀歌迷一起唱

    Sing with me

    Jody Chiang invites fans to sing-a-long at her 3rd farewell concert. (CNA)

  • 反教盟抗議9校漲學費(2)

    More to protest about

    Student protest hikes in tuition at 9 universities (CNA).

  • 水雉現身高雄援中港濕地

    Hello there

    About 52 jacanas have appeared in the wetlands of Kaohsiung. (CNA)

  • 杜拜租單車 前30分新台幣127元

    Taipei bikes are cheaper

    Public bikes in Dubai cost NT$127 for the first half hour; Taipei's bikes only cost NT$5. (CNA)

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  • Taiwan Today – Megatrends – The Energy Equation

Broadcast dates: 2015-07-30 00:00:00 Host: Huang Shih-han

Broadcast dates: July 30, August 1

Host: Huang Shih-han




A: 好累喔,剛才差一點睡著。

hǎo lèi o gāng cái chā yī diǎn shuì zháo

(Literally: Very tired, just now almost fell asleep.)

I’m really tired. Almost dozed off a second there.


B: 你應該早說啊,

nǐ yīng gāi zǎo shuō a

(Literally: You should early said.)

You should have said.



wǒ men gāng cái cái jīng guò yí ge xiū xí zhàn

(Literally: We just now just passed a rest station.)

We just passed a rest stop.


A: 我正好也想上個廁所。

wǒ zhèng hǎo yě xiǎng shàng ge cè suǒ

(Literally: I happen to also want to go to toilet.)

I also want to go to the bathroom.


B: 我記得前面還有一個休息站。

wǒ jì dé qián miàn hái yǒu yí ge xiū xí zhàn

(Literally: I remember ahead still has a rest station.)

I remember there’s another rest stop ahead.




好 hǎo

1)      good; well

2)      very


累 lèi



剛才 gāng cái

just now


差一點chā yī diǎn



睡著 shuì zháo

to fall asleep


你 nǐ

you (singular)


應該 yīng gāi



早 zǎo

1)      early

2)      before; some time ago


說 shuō

to say


我們 wǒ men

we; us


才 cái

just; only


經過 jīng guò

to get past





個 ge

the most common measure word in Chinese


休息站 xiū xí zhàn

(literally “rest station”) rest stop


我 wǒ

I; me


正好 zhèng hǎo

it so happens that


也 yě



想 xiǎng

to want to


上個廁所 shàng ge cè suǒ

(colloquial) to go to the toilet


上廁所shàng cè suǒ

to go to the toilet


廁所 cè suǒ



記得 jì dé

to remember


前面 qián miàn

in front; ahead


還 hái



有 yǒu

to have; there is/are