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  • 傳統藝術中心打造「全台最有年味的地方」

    Get festive with traditional art center

    The National Traditional Art Center in Yilan showcased a festive performance for the Lunar New Year. (CNA)

  • 寒流低溫下搜救更辛苦(1)

    Rescue work under cold mess

    Rescue work continues in Tainan after a strong earthquake brought down several buildings. With a cold mess, temperatures are low at night. Rescue workers gathered around a fire to stay warm. (CNA)

  • 嘉縣特搜隊 深夜救出1男1女1狗

    Rescue work continues

    Chiayi fire department rescued a man and a woman from a collaped building in Tainan, after a 6.4-magnitude earthquake hit southern Taiwan early Saturday.

  • 台南大樓倒塌 賴清德視察坐鎮(3)

    Tainan Mayor near the collapsed building

    Tainan City Mayor William Lai visiting one of the several collapsed buildings in the city after the 6.4-magnitude earthquake hit in the morning. (CNA)

  • 台南大樓倒 小孩獲救

    A child was rescued from a collapsed building

    Several buildings in Tainan were toppled. (CNA photo) 

  • 地震永康永大路大樓倒塌(1)

    Powerful quake hit southern Taiwan at 3:57 am Sat

    In Tainan, several buildings collapsed. (CNA photo) 

  • 張善政向行政院員工辭歲

    Here is one red envelop for you

    Premier Chang San-cheng gave civil sevants "red envelopes" to wish them Happy Chinese New Year. (CNA photo) 

  • 春節慎選料理 過年吃出健康

    Food that is not good for you

    They include deep-fried dishes, red meat and sugary drinks. (CNA photo) 

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Broadcast dates: 2016-02-04 00:00:48 Host: Paula Chao
Chinese to Go

Broadcast date: February 4, 2016


A. 農曆中國新年馬上就要到了。

(nóng lì zhōng guó xīn nián mǎ shàng jiù yào dào le)

The Lunar New Year is just around the corner.


B 我們應該要向聽眾拜年。

(wǒ men yīng gāi yào xiàng tīng zhòng bài nián)

We should wish our listeners a Happy New Year.


A 祝福大家新年快樂,萬事如意。

(zhù fú dà jiā xīn nián kuài lè,wàn shì rú yì )

[We would like to] wish everyone Happy New Year and the best in all your endeavors.


B. 恭禧恭禧新年好。

(gōng xǐ gōng xǐ xīn nián hǎo)

Happy New Year.


A. 今年是猴年,祝大家猴年行大運。

(jīn nián shì hóu nián,zhù dà jiā hóu nián háng dà yùn)

This year is the Year of the Monkey. [We would like to] wish you success in the Year of the Monkey.


B 恭禧發財,健康平安快樂。

(gōng xǐ fā cái ,jiàn kāng píng ān kuài lè)

[We would like to] wish you good fortune, health, peace and happiness.



農曆 Lunar calendar

中國 China

新年 New Year

中國新年 Chinese New Year

馬上 right away, soon

到 to arrive

我們 We

應該 Should, must

聽眾 Listeners

拜年 To wish you a Happy New Year

祝福 To wish

大家 All of you

新年快樂 Happy Chinese New Year, Happy Lunar New Year

萬事如意 To wish you the best in all your endeavors

恭禧 Happy New Year

今年 This year

猴 Monkey

猴年 The Year of the Monkey

行大運 Success, best of luck

恭禧發財 Wish you good fortune

健康 Health

平安 Peace

快樂 Happiness