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  • 國際大屠殺紀念日 點燃燭光緬懷犧牲者

    Remembering those who died

    A Jewish prayer service was held on Sunday as part of a Holocaust Remembrance Day event in Taipei. Six candles were lit in memory of the six million Jews killed in the Holocaust. (CNA photo)

  • 水氣配合溫度 玉山降雪0.7公分

    Snow on the peak

    Jade Mountain, Taiwan's highest peak, recorded 0.7cm of snowfall early Saturday. (CNA photo provided by the Yushan Weather Station)

  • 后里泰安櫻花季登場(1)

    Cherry blossoms in Taichung

    Spring arrives in Taichung's Houli District as cherry blossoms bloom. (CNA photo provided by the Taichung City Government)

  • 金門街頭電箱上新妝(1)

    A new look for Kinmen's utility boxes

    Utility boxes on the outlying of island of Kinmen are getting a new makeover. (Photo by CNA)

  • 行倫邑獲法甜點賽亞軍  美味得分冠全場

    Taipei delight

    Pasty chef Hang Lun-yi won second place a French dessert competition with this fruit puff. (CNA photo)

  • 北台灣濕冷(1)

    Rainy Taipei

    Northern and eastern Taiwan has seen rain the past two days. (CNA photo)

  • 學測滿級分  北一女15人(2)

    Aced it!

    These young women from Taipei First Girls High School got a perfect score on the college entrance exam. (CNA photo)

  • 陽明山花季登場  櫻花將接力綻放

    Enjoying the cherry blossoms

    Eight types of cherry blossoms are in bloom in Yangmingshan in time for the flower festival. (CNA photo)

  • Civic groups to mark 71st anniversary of 228 Incident

  • Genetic selection and strict training keys to sniffer dog program

  • National Palace Museum releases new animated promo

  • EPA unveils new air quality App

  • Preview of Interview with H.E. Joseph Pius Waleanisia

  • Wife of imprisoned NGO worker says rescuing him will take time

  • LATEST: Powerful 6.0 quake rocks Hualien; 6 dead, 258 injured

  • Taiwan sends team of four to Winter Olympics


“Fitting in in Chinese” is a special series on Chinese to Go, which is jointly produced by the Chinese Language Center of Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages and Radio Taiwan International.


Episode 39 


All doors open to courtesy



(Xiǎo de shíhòu)

When I was small



(Māmā shuō)

Momma said,



(Lǎoshī shuō)

Teacher said,



(Yéyé nǎinai shuō)

Grandfather, Grandmother said,



(Āgōng ā mā shuō)

Grandpa, Grandma said,



(Yǒulǐ zǒu tiānxià)

When you are polite, every corner of the world is your home;



(Wúlǐ cùnbù nán)

When you are rude, it’s hard to move forward even an inch!



(Shǎ háizi)

Oh my silly child,



(Shǎ sūnzi)

My silly grandchild,



(Shǎ xuéshēng)

My silly student!



(Zuòshì yào yǒu `lǐ')

When dealing with affairs, you need to be reasonable.



(Zuòrén yào yǒu `lǐ')

When dealing with people you need to be courteous.



(Yīdìng bù shīlǐ)

You won’t go wrong with that attitude!


在家輕鬆 隨便穿

(Zàijiā qīngsōng suíbiàn chuān)

You can wear whatever you want to at home/


出了大門 不隨便

(Chūle dàmén bù suíbiàn)

Be neat and clean when you step out of the house



(Shīzhǎng zàizuò yǒu zuò xiāng)

When teachers and older people are present, sit up straight!


長輩進門 要起讓

(Zhǎngbèi jìnmén yào qǐ rang)

When teachers and older people enter the room, you need to offer them your seat.



(Qiān wàn yào jìdé)

Remember! For sure,



(Yǒu lǐ rén rén ài)

Everybody will love you when you are courteous.



(Wú lǐ méi rén ài)

No one will love when you’re not!



(Lǐ duō rén bù guài)

All doors open to courtesy.