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  • 陳建斌金馬奪3獎(1)

    Thrice is nice!

    Chen Jianbin rewrote history on Saturday night by becoming the first person to win Golden Horse awards for best actor, best supporting actor, and best new director all on the same night. (CNA photo)

  • 挑選寵物旅館 第一次就上手

    Choosing a safe pet hotel

    Operators recommend that owners take lighting, ventilation, and disinfectant procedures into consideration when choosing a hotel for their pet. (CNA photo)

  • 總統出席台中歌劇院落成剪綵

    Brand new opera house

    President Ma Ying-jeou (center) presides over an opening ceremony for the brand-new Taichung Metropolitan Opera House on Sunday afternoon. (CNA photo)

  • 台中歌劇院  光雕秀暖身(2)

    Light and music

    A spectacular light show at the Taichung Opera House in central Taiwan paves the way for the opera house's grand opening on Sunday. (CNA photo)

  • 挺柯P萬人健走(1)

    Walk to support Ko

    Tens of thousands of people join a walking event in support of independent Taipei mayoral candidate Ko Wen-je. (CNA photo)

  • 馬總統力挺連勝文

    Super weekend

    On the last weekend before the local elections slated for Nov. 29, President Ma Ying-jeou (left) appears at an event to drum up support for the ruling Kuomintang's Taipei mayoral candidate Sean Lien (right). (CNA photo)

  • 鞏俐巨星風采(2)

    Golden Horse

    Chinese actress Gong Li has arrived in Taiwan for the Golden Horse Awards. (CNA photo)

  • 晶華酒店聖誕樹點燈

    T'is the season!

    Formosa Regent Taipei has put up a giant indoor Christmas tree. (CNA photo)

  • Elias Ek, author of How to Start a Business in Taiwan

  • Interview with Chris Carnahan of Taipei Trends

  • Interview with Robert Chung, doctor of anesthesia

  • Entrepreneur Ping Chu 朱平talks about his book Be the Change

  • Aveda’s Taiwan founder Ping Chu 朱平shares his approach to building happy successful businesses

  • Ho Chie Tsai shares about his journey as a Taiwanese-American

  • Interview with Ethan Garcia of o3-Fitness

  • Interview with A-vai, folk singer of Taiwan

Broadcast dates: 2014-11-19 00:00:00 Host: Huang Shih-han

Broadcast date: November 20, 2014

Host: Huang Shih-han




A: 我在泡茶,

wǒ zài pào chá

(Literally: I am making tea.)

I’m making tea.



nǐ yào hē ma

(Literally: You want to drink?)

Would you like some?


B: 好啊,可是你可不可以泡一杯淡的茶?

hǎo a,kě shì nǐ kě bù kě yǐ pào yì bēi dàn de chá

(Literally: Sure. But you cannot can make one cup weak tea?)

Sure. But can you make my tea weak?



wǒ tōng cháng bù hē nóng chá

(Literally: I usually don’t drink strong tea)

I usually don’t drink strong tea



yīn wèi wèi huì bù shū fú

(Literally: because stomach will not comfortable.)

because it irritates my stomach.


A: 沒問題,

méi wèn tí

(Literally: No problem.)

No problem!



wǒ mā ma yě bù hē nóng chá

(Literally: My mother also not drink strong tea.)

My mother can’t drink it either.





1)      I’ me

2)      (short for 我的 wǒde) my; mine


在 zài

a particle indicating a progressive tense


泡茶 pào chá

to make tea


泡 pào

to make (tea, coffee, etc.)


茶 chá



你 nǐ

you (singular)


要 yào

to want to


喝 hē

to drink


嗎 ma

a particle at the end of the sentence indicating that it is a question


好啊 hǎo a



可是 kě shì



可以 kě yǐ

can; to be able to


不 bù/bú

no; not





杯 bēi



淡 dàn

1)      weak (in the context of tea or coffee)

2)      light (color)

3)      bland (taste)


通常tōng cháng



濃 nóng

1)      strong (in the context of tea or coffee)

2)      thick (in terms of consistency or color)


因為 yīn wèi



胃 wèi



舒服 shū fú



沒 méi

no; not; without


問題 wèn tí



媽媽 mā ma



也 yě