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  • 月琴民謠祭(1)

    Moon lute festival

    A moon lute festival opens at the Beitou Hot Spring Museum in Taipei. (CNA photo)

  • 海峽女雙  謝彭配拆夥

    No more?

    Taiwan's tennis star Hsieh Su-wei (left) and her Chinese partner Peng Shuai are set to split up after the US Open. The cross-strait duo has taken 12 women's doubles titles, including Grand Slam ones. (CNA photo)

  • 景美拔河500公斤組奪冠

    Champion again!

    Taiwan's female tug-of-war team took first place in the TWIF Outdoor World Championships in the women's 500kg
    category in Madison, Wisconsin. (CNA photo)

  • 柯震東:絕不會再吸食大麻

    Never again

    Beijing police released Taiwan movie star Kai Ko early Friday morning from administrative detention after he tested positive for marijuana in mid-Augus. Ko, also known as Ko Chen-tung, said he deeply regrets taking drugs and will never use them again. (CNA photo)

  • 美網女雙  謝淑薇彭帥晉級

    Cross-strait duo

    Taiwanese tennis player Hsieh Su-wei and her Chinese partner Peng Shuai made it to the second round of the women's doubles at the US Open. (CNA photo)

  • 頭目為原民豐年祭祈福暖身

    Bless the harvest

    Tribal chiefs of Miaoli county gather together to pray for the upcoming Harvest Festival. (CNA photo)

  • 女王頭凍齡計畫啟動

    Long live the Queen

    Experts are deciding whether to use nanotechnology to preserve the famous rock formation Queen's Head in Yehliu Geopark. (CNA photo)

  • 老照片 印證野柳女王粗頸

    Clear evidence

    An old photo of the famous Yehliu Geopark's Queen's Head shows that the queen had a thicker neck. (CNA photo)

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  • Interview with Paul Cheng, heavyweight MMA fighter

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  • Interview with Joshua Xu, the Iron Man Doctor

  • Interview with Lisa Wang

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Chinese to Go

Broadcast dates: 2014-08-28 00:00:00 Host: Huang Shih-han

Broadcast date: August 28, 2014

Host: Huang Shih-han




A: 你知道哪裡有賣香腸嗎?

nǐ zhī dào nǎ lǐ yǒu mài xiāng cháng ma

(Literally: You know where has sell sausages?)

Do you know where I can buy some sausages?


B: 到處都有啊,

dào chù dōu yǒu a

(Literally: Everywhere all has.)




chāo shì、chuán tǒng shì chǎng,lián biàn lì shāng diàn dōu yǒu

(Literally: Supermarket, traditional market, even convenience stores all have.)

in the supermarket, in the market, even in convenience stores.


A: 我不要台式香腸,我要西式香腸,

wǒ bú yào tái shì xiāng cháng,wǒ yào xī shì xiāng cháng

(Literally: I not want Taiwanese-style sausages. I want Western-style sausages.)

No, I don’t want Taiwanese-style sausages. I want Western-style sausages.



yǒu jiā zhí wù xiāng liào huò qǐ shì nà zhǒng

(Literally: Have add plant spice or cheese that kind.)

Sausages with herbs or cheese.


B: 那種比較難找。

nà zhǒng bǐ jiào nán zhǎo

(Literally: That kind comparatively difficult to find.)

That’s a bit tricky.




你 nǐ

you (singular)


知道 zhī dào

to know; to be aware of


哪裡 nǎ lǐ



那裡 nà lǐ



有 yǒu

to have; to be available



to sell


香腸 xiāng cháng

(literally “fragrant intestine”) sausage


嗎 ma

a particle at the end of the sentence indicating a question


到處 dào chù



都 dōu



有 yǒu

to have; to be available


超市 chāo shì

(short for 超級市場 chāo jí shì chǎng) supermarket


傳統市場 chuán tǒng shì chǎng

traditional market


傳統 chuán tǒng



市場shì chǎng






便利商店 biàn lì shāng diàn

convenience store


便利 biàn lì



商店 shāng diàn



我 wǒ

I; me


不 bù/bú

no; not


要 yào

to want


台式 tái shì

Taiwanese style


西式 xī shì

Western style


加 jiā

to add


植物香料 zhí wù xiāng liào

(literally “plant spice”) herb


或 huò



起士qǐ shì

(transliteration) cheese

*Alternative: 乳酪 rǔ luò


那種 nà zhǒng

that type; that kind


比較 bǐ jiào

1)      to compare

2)      a cue for a comparative


難 nán



找 zhǎo

to look for; to find