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  • 運動i臺灣體育嘉年華 澎湖登場(1)

    Let the exercising begin!

    An "exercise carnival" with more than 40 events scheduled over the next few months opens in Penghu on Saturday. (CNA)

  • 猴硐不只有貓 還有國寶活化石鐘萼木

    More than just cats

    Bretschneidera sinensis in bloom near the Houtong Cat Village in Ruifang, New Taipei City, an area named for the large number of cats that live there. (Photo Courtesy New Taipei City Agriculture Department) (CNA)

  • 街頭藝人審議活動(2)

    Street performance in Taipei

    A performer at a street performance event organized by Taipei's culture department Saturday. (CNA)

  • 蔡總統接見林奏延

    Tsai meets with returning health minister

    President Tsai Ing-wen (right) meets with Health Minister Lin Tzou-yien (left) who returned to Taiwan on Friday following this year's World Health Assembly meeting in Geneva. (CNA photo)

  • 外來鳥埃及聖? 威脅黑琵生存

    Unwanted visitors?

    Bird watchers are reporting the arrival in southwestern Taiwan of some 1,000 African sacred ibis, which are thought to be threatening the prized local black-faced spoonbill. (CNA photo)

  • 海線新地標  高美濕地景觀橋成亮點

    A new wetlands focal point

    Taichung City has a new landmark: a bridge at the Kaomei Wetlands offering visitors a better view of the coastal region. (CNA photo)

  • 竹市Youbike上路  26日試營運(2)

    Youbike in Hsinchu

    Taipei's popular bike rental Youbike has made it to Hsinchu after setting up 10 rental stations in the city. (CNA)

  • 百年老宅大改造(1)

    Got a facelift

    Residents of Silin Neighborhood in Kaohsiung were awarded for successfully giving a new facade to a 100-year old historical red brick house in the area. (CNA)

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  • Interview with Richard DeVries, Geber Brand Consulting (Part II)

  • Interview with Ruby Chen, Co-Founder/CEO of CNEX(Part I)

  • Interview with Ruby Chen, Co-Founder/CEO of CNEX(Part II)

  • Preview of Interview with the Ambassador of Saint Lucia, H.E.Hubert Emmanuel

  • Interview with Chenny Lin of Liteon Technology(Part I)

  • Interview with Chenny Lin of Liteon Technology(Part II)

  • Interview with Yee-Ming Tan, founder of Happier Cafe-01

Broadcast dates: 2016-05-26 00:49:18 Host: Paula Chao
Chinese to Go

Broadcast date: May 26th, 2016


[nǐ yǒu kàn zuì jìn de xīn wén ma ? tīng shuō dà xióng māo tuán tuán sǐ diào le!]
Did you watch the latest news? I heard that the giant panda Tuan Tuan is dead!


[nà shì jiǎ de xīn wén,bù shì zhēn de,bù yào xiàng xìn。gèng bù yào zhēn jiǎ bù fèn]
That’s a fake news story, not a real one. Don’t believe it! You have to separate fact from fiction.


[zěn me kě néng shì jiǎ de ? hái yǒu zhào piàn fàng zài wǎng shàng ne !]
How could it not be real? There’s even a picture posted online!


[xiàn zài zuò jiǎ hěn róng yì,zhào piàn yě kě yǐ yǐ jiǎ luàn zhēn ]
It’s so easy to make something fake, even a [fake] picture like that looks like a real one.


[wǒ zài yě bù xiàng xìn xīn wén le,hǎo zài tuán tuán hái huó zhe hǎo hǎo de ]
I won’t trust the news anymore. It’s good that Tuan Tuan is still alive and well.



你 You
看 To watch
最近 Recent, latest
新聞 News
聽說 To hear
大熊貓 Giant panda
死 To die
死掉了 Dead
那是 That is
假 Fake
真的 Real
不要 Don’t
相信 Believe, trust
真假不分 Can’t separate fact from fiction
可能 Possible
怎麼可能 How could it be possible?
照片 Picture
放 To post
網上 Online
做假 To fake
很 Very
容易 Easy
可以 Can, be able to
以假亂真 To make a fake one look like a real one
再 No more
好在 It’s good that…
活 Alive
活著好好的 Alive and well