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  • 萌熊賞故宮人與熊

    Give me a break

    The ongoing exhibition of Taiwan's National Palace Museum treasures in Kyushu, Japan has replaced the famous meat-like stone with a jade piece of a man and a bear. (CNA photo)

  • 江宜樺接見十大傑出青年(2)


    Premier Jiang Yi-huah (center) meets with this year's Ten Outstanding Young Persons. (CNA photo)

  • 謝淑薇彭帥摘首勝(5)

    First win

    Taiwan's Hsieh Su-wei (left) and China's Peng Shuai (right) win first round at WTA Tournament of Champions. (CNA photo)

  • 馬來貘轉大人 貘樹褪下花衣裳

    All grown up!

    The 5-month old baby tapir now weighs more than 100 kg. (CNA photo)

  • 跳躍吧 狗狗(1)

    Run, Doggy, Run!

    The 2014 Taipei Dogsports Championship (TDC) will be held in November. Canine racers will compete in several games in professional and amateur categories. (CNA photo)

  • 行銷台精品 紐約中央車站展出

    Taiwan Excellence Showcase

    The Taiwan Excellence Showcase opened in New York City on Tuesday. This is the first time the showcase is held in New York. From October 21 to 25, the public is invited to experience fun and innovative "Made-In-Taiwan" products spanning the consumer electronics, fitness, and lifestyle industries.(CNA photo)

  • 北市贈懷舊公車月曆(1)

    Remembering the past

    A calendar features buses from the past 70 years. (CNA)

  • 新北推減塑政策 包裝變垃圾袋

    Eco-friendly packaging

    New Taipei City promotes packaging that can double as trash bags. (CNA)

  • Interview with Chris Carnahan of Taipei Trends

  • Interview with Robert Chung, doctor of anesthesia

  • Entrepreneur Ping Chu 朱平talks about his book Be the Change

  • Aveda’s Taiwan founder Ping Chu 朱平shares his approach to building happy successful businesses

  • Ho Chie Tsai shares about his journey as a Taiwanese-American

  • Interview with Ethan Garcia of o3-Fitness

  • Interview with A-vai, folk singer of Taiwan

  • Interview with Paul Cheng, heavyweight MMA fighter

Broadcast dates: 2014-10-23 00:00:00 Host: Huang Shih-han

Broadcast date: October 23, 2014

Host: Huang Shih-han




A: 我想辦一張信用卡,

wǒ xiǎng bàn yī zhāng xìn yòng kǎ

(Literally: I want to apply for a credit card.)

I’m thinking about getting a credit card.



yín háng shuō xiàn zài bàn kǎ dì yī nián bú yòng nián fèi

(Literally: Bank says now apply for card first year no require year fee.)

A bank told me that if I get a card now, I don’t have to pay the annual fee for the first year.


B: 你真的要辦卡嗎?

nǐ zhēn de yào bàn kǎ ma

(Literally: You really want to apply for card?)

Do you really want a credit card?



wǒ yǒu le xìn yòng kǎ jiù yī zhí mǎi dōng xī

(Literally: I have credit card continuously buy things.)

I couldn’t stop shopping after I got a credit card.



xiàn zài shuā bào le zhī hǎo fù xún huán lì xī

(Literally: Now maxed out have to pay revolving interest.)

Now my card’s maxed out, so I have to pay a revolving interest rate on the balance.




我 wǒ

I; me


想 xiǎng

to want to


辦 bàn

to apply for


一 yī/yí/yì



張 zhāng

the measure word for card


信用卡 xìn yòng kǎ

credit card


信用 xìn yòng



卡 kǎ



銀行yín háng



說 shuō

to say


現在 xiàn zài



第一 dì yī



年 nián



不 bù/bú

no; not


用 yòng

(literally “to use”) to require


年費 nián fèi

annual fee


費 fèi



你 nǐ

you (singular)


真的 zhēn de



嗎 ma

a particle at the end of the sentence indicating that the sentence is a question


有 yǒu

to have



a particle indicating that the action is complete


就 jiù

a particle indicating a consequence


一直 yī/yì zhí



買 mǎi

to buy


東西 dōng xī

thing; stuff


現在 xiàn zài



刷爆shuā bào

to max out (a credit card)


只好 zhī hǎo

to have to



to pay


循環利息 xún huán lì xī

revolving interest


循環 xún huán



利息 lì xī

interest rate