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2016 Year In Review On the Line
  • 2016 Year In Review

    2016 Year In Review

    2016 Year In Review

Welcome to the first edition of On the Line in the year 2017. On today’s show, I will revisit some of the favorite interviews from the past 12 months in 2016. We first start off with an interview with the former ambassador of Sao Tome and Prince, Ambassador António Quintas that I did in early 2016. Taiwan severed diplomatic ties on Dec.21, 2016 with Sao Tome and Principe, a West African country that established ties with Taiwan in 1997.


Some of the interviews include:

1. Former UK representative in Taiwan, Mr.Chris Wood. Mr.Wood left Taiwan in late August for a new      

    appointment in Beijing.

2. The Ambassador of St.Lucia, Ambassador Hubert Emmanuel .Saint Lucia is an island country     

    located in the eastern Caribbean Sea and opened an embassy in Taiwan in June, 2015.

3. Datuk Adeline Leong, the representative of Malaysian Friendship and Trade Centre (MFTC)

4. Former Ambassador of Nauru , Ambassador Ludwig Dowong Keke. Ambassador Keke assumed his  

    post in 2007 and left in August 2016.

5. DPP Legislator Liu Shyh-Fang

6. Burkina Faso Foreign Minister Alpha Berry

7. Ambassador Ismet Erikan, Representative, Turkish Trade Office in Taipei

8. Mr.Achilles Yeh, the representative of the Mozambique Investment Promotion Centre



Interview with Mr.Martin Eberts, Director General, German Institute Taipei

Interview with Mr.Martin Eberts, Director General, German Institute Taipei

Interview with Mr.Martin Eberts, Director General, German Institute Taipei

2017-10-22 01:00:00

Mr.Martin Eberts, the Director General of the German Institute Taipei, said the election in Germany ended peacefully and he was not surprised at the results.

The German representative in Taiwan said the political situation in Germany has changed and it is a normal process in a democracy so there is no need for any worries that a new party, AfD, the right-wing party will join the parliament. The government will continue to address the economic and security issues and fulfills its obligation to implement the climate change policy. Terrorism is EU’s citizens fastest growing concern and Germany will work with other countries in the world to combat terrorism.


Collaboration with Taiwan will increase with the focus on the energy sector that was introduced a couple years ago, Mr.Martin Eberts added. The focus of the cooperation will be on renewable energy and energy transition both on the regulations and laws as well as the technical side especially in the field of off-shore wind energy adding that Germany could share with Taiwan the experience of energy transition.