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Step 1

Assuming you already own a short wave radio (not AM or FM, but SW), then please consult our program schedule for a list of programs, target areas, frequencies and times. 

Step 2

Short-wave reception is significantly influenced by terrain and weather, and is often unsteady. There are several ways in which you can improve shortwave reception. 

Step 3

Check out this chart to see the signal flow of our program broadcasts.

* Shortwave Listening Tips

* 1
Always pull out the retractable antenna on the short wave receiver and adjust the direction of the antenna to find the location of the strongest signal.
* 2
When listening indoors, the receiver should be placed near a window or a balcony. In addition, a separate short wave antenna can be build on the balcony or the roof of the building for better reception.
* 3
Take a 3-15 meter long multi-strand wire or power cord, and wrap one end (or attach clips and clip it) to the retractable antenna. Simply place the other end of the wire outdoors and reception should improve.
* 4
If you have metal frames around your doors or windows, you can use a 3-5 meter long multi-strand wire, (attach clips on to it) and clip one end to the metal frame and the other end to the retractable antenna.
* 5
Using a wire, wrap it into a coil and place it outside the window or on the ground outdoors. Take the other end and attach it onto the terminal on your receiver.
* 6
If you have a television in the house, you can attach one end of a wire to the outdoor antenna of the television, and the other end to the retractable antenna on your short wave radio, or to the terminal on your receiver.
* Signal Flow of RTI English Program