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Step 1

First, you will need to make sure your computer meets the following specifications in order to listen to our programs over the Internet:

We recommend that your Internet connection is at least 56k or above.
CPU: 120 MHz Intel Pentium processor
Memory: 32MB or more of RAM
16-bit sound card and speakers
Internet Explorer 8.0
You can check out the realaudio web page at www.real.com for more details.


Step 2

Then, download the latest version of Real Player or Windows Media Player.


Step 3

Then simply click on any of our listening links at any time of day for up to 45 days after the program first airs.


Step 4

Please note that the programs may be posted on the Internet on the day BEFORE they are broadcast. For example, the Thursday programs are posted at 12:00am on Thursday Taiwan Time (the very first minute of Thursday in Taiwan), but in most parts of the world, it is still Wednesday!

Step 5

If you have trouble listening to our internet broadcasts, please send us an internet listening reception report. We regret that our programs may not be available on Macs. *