Tsai’s approval rating drops to 31%


A recent poll shows that less than one third of Taiwan’s public is satisfied with President Tsai Ing-wen’s performance.


The Taiwan Brain Trust think tank published the results of their latest survey on Thursday. The poll said 30.9% of the public is satisfied with Tsai’s performance as president so far, a drop of 3.9 percentage points from September, while 44% declared themselves not satisfied. The poll also said that 32.4% of the public believe Tsai will win a second term in 2020 while 43.9% believe she will not.


The survey also collected opinions on preferred presidential candidates for the 2020 election. Some 42.3% of the public back Premier William Lai of Tsai’s own party as a presidential candidate. The figure is higher than for Tsai and other potential candidates.

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