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MAC: China should respect our democratic rights


The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) has hit back at criticism from China’s government over a referendum to held in Taiwan in November.


The referendum concerns the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. It asks whether Taiwan’s team should compete under the name "Taiwan." Taiwan’s national team usually competes in international events under the name "Chinese Taipei." The name was adopted as a political compromise but many in Taiwan feel the name does not properly represent the country.


China’s Taiwan Affairs Office has blasted the referendum, calling it a "self-deceiving farce." But deputy MAC chief Chiu Chui-cheng said Taiwan is a democratic society and it is the right of Taiwan’s public to carry out referenda. Chiu called on the Chinese side to stop its suppression of Taiwan in the international community. He also said China should stop trying to sow division in Taiwanese society.


The Tokyo Olympics referendum is one of several referenda to be held on the same day as local elections nationwide on November 24.