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FM summons Spain’s representative to lodge a protest


The foreign ministry has summoned Spain’s Taiwan-based representative to protest against Madrid’s decision to deport some 200 Taiwanese telecom fraud suspects to China.


Deputy Foreign Minister Francois Wu on Monday summoned the director of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Jose Luis Echaniz Cobas, to lodge a strong protest. The move came one day after Taiwan’s government issued a strongly-worded statement condemning the decision.


Wu said Madrid’s handling of the case is a departure from the EU’s emphasis on human rights. Wu also said the extradition has violated the will of the parties and shows a disregard for the Nationality Principle.


The Spanish government decided to accept a demand from Beijing for the extradition to China of 269 Taiwanese and Chinese nationals arrested last December in Spain for their involvement in telecom fraud. More than 200 of the 269 suspects are from Taiwan.


Taiwan has demanded that Spain give detained suspects judicial rights in line with international standards and that there should be no extradition before due process is complete.