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SEF head hopes to meet with Mainland counterpart

  • SEF head Tien Hung-mao

    SEF head Tien Hung-mao


Head of the Straits Exchange Foundation Tien Hung-mao says he hopes his Mainland counterpart will visit Taiwan or the outlying island of Kinmen this year. Tien was speaking on Saturday.


The Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) is a semi-official organization in charge of civilian exchanges with China in the absence of official ties. Its Mainland Chinese counterpart is the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS).


Tien said that the SEF’s communications with ARATS have been temporarily suspended. However, he said the two sides of the Taiwan Strait still have many issues to work out. Tien said that Taipei and Beijing must have contact and channels of communication in order to solve problems for the people of both sides.


Tien said he hopes that cross-strait relations will see progress in the second half of the year. He also said he hopes that the SEF and ARATS will have more formal, regular contact.