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President Tsai’s approval rating improves slightly to 41%: poll


President Tsai Ing-wen’s approval rating has improved slightly to 41.4%. That’s roughly even with the 41.3% of the people who say they disapprove of her efforts as president. That’s according to the latest poll by the Taiwanese Public Opinion Foundation.


Tsai’s current approval rating is a 28.5% drop from when she took office last May. However, it marks an over 7% increase from last month. Her disapproval rating also dropped 13%. The chairman of the Taiwanese Public Opinion Foundation, Yo Ying-lung explains the slight improvement in the latest survey.


“There have been adjustments to economic policies, pension reforms, and new Cabinet personnel, so perhaps the public has responded to this. The poll was also taken on Valentine’s Day, at the end of the lunar new year holidays, and most people traditionally don’t like to be too critical at this time and are more tolerant of their leaders " said Yo.

Premier Lin Chuan’s approval rating was 33.6% which was a 6.4% increase over last month. His disapproval rating was 52%.

People were also asked what they thought of the new labor laws giving one fixed and one flexible day off a week. Only 36% said they support it while 55% said they do not. Yo said that was probably due to the many controversies that have resulted from the new labor laws.