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Wu retains confidence in Taiwan’s diplomacy

  • Foreign Minister Joseph Wu

    Foreign Minister Joseph Wu

    Wu says he still has confidence in Taiwan’s diplomacy. (CNA photo)

The foreign minister, Joseph Wu, says he still has confidence in Taiwan’s diplomacy. Wu was speaking on Friday at National Chengchi University in Taipei, a day after Burkina Faso broke off formal ties with Taiwan.


Wu said there is room for Taiwan despite the country’s difficulties on the diplomatic front especially at a time of strained cross-strait ties. He also said the government will strengthen ties with leading democracies and major international organizations around the world.


“Our diplomacy has never been defeated. That’s because we have many young and senior diplomats. The joint efforts made by all government agencies and the public mean that Taiwan’s diplomatic space is actually a lot larger and better than many other countries," said Wu.


Asked if there remains a need to offer financial aid to allied countries, Wu said allies speak in favor of Taiwan in the global arena. Wu also said the volume of Taiwan’s foreign aid is still less than the 0.7% of GDP as regulated by the United Nations.


Wu offered his resignation Thursday night to take responsibility for the latest diplomatic setback. But he said President Tsai Ing-wen expressed approval of his performance and said there is no need to step down.