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Bird flu outbreak must be taken seriously: Premier

  • Premier Lin Chuan

    Premier Lin Chuan

    Bird flu outbreak must be taken seriously: Premier

Premier Lin Chuan has urged the public to take seriously a current outbreak of bird flu. That’s because it is possible for the highly contagious H5N6 strain of the virus to be passed to humans. Lin was speaking Friday in an interview.


From Friday, the Council of Agriculture imposed a ban on the transport and slaughter of birds for seven days to stop the spread of the virus. The ban is effective nationwide even though the virus has only been confirmed in five counties and cities.


Meanwhile, quarantine official Shih Tai-hua  said samples from infected poultry farms will be collected first, followed by farms in nearby areas.

"Samples will be collected from farms within a radius of one kilometer from the infected farms. There will be an inspection of poultry farms located three to five kilometers away. [As for] counties and cities that have not yet witnessed an outbreak, samples from ducks will be collected first. There will then be a gradual and sweeping search, starting from farms one kilometer away, then farms three and five kilometers away," said Shih.


The government has urged the public not to consume chicken meat or eggs that are less than fully cooked.