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Lin lays out plans for infrastructure projects

  • Premier Lin Chuan

    Premier Lin Chuan

    Lin lays out plans for infrastructure projects (CNA photo)

Premier Lin Chuan says the Cabinet plans to boost investment in public infrastructure projects this year.

Lin, along with senior officials from key departments, was giving a briefing at the Legislature on Friday. The focus, Lin said, will be to accelerate the construction of public infrastructure projects.

“On top of boosting investment in state-run enterprises, we are also planning to set aside a special budget for future construction projects. These include rail transportation, water management, green energy, digital networking, and infrastructure for rural areas. The rail network will connect the island more comprehensively. [We are] pushing for a construction plan which can be completed within the next four to eight years," said Lin.

Lin also outlined the defense ministry’s plan to build indigenous fighter jets and naval vessels.