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Premier promises measures to improve bus safety

  • Premier Lin Chuan

    Premier Lin Chuan

    Premier promises measures to improve bus safety (CNA photo)

Premier Lin Chuan on Friday expressed condolences over a fatal bus crash and said the government will assess ways to improve safety.


Thirty-three people died and 11 were injured when their tour bus overturned on a freeway exit ramp in Taipei on Monday evening. The bus was carrying mostly senior citizens returning from a day trip to Taichung.


The premier promised the transportation ministry would look into what further measures can be taken to improve safety. He also said drivers’ working hours would be assessed. That’s after claims that the driver of the bus had been working for 14 consecutive days over the recent Lunar New Year holidays.

"I would like again to express my deepest condolences over this tragic accident. I would also like to extend my sincere apology to the public for areas where our management of transportation has been inadequate in the past. I promise the public that the government will produce a plan to improve the situation in the shortest possible time,"said Lin.


One proposed improvement is government subsidies for driver assistance systems on buses and trucks. The transportation ministry said Thursday that the system will be required on all large vehicles from next year. The ministry also plans to fund the installation of GPS tracking systems on all the nation’s tour buses.