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Taoyuan airport metro operating normally after Friday night delays

  • Airport metro services return to normal

    Airport metro services return to normal

    (CNA file photo)

The Taoyuan airport metro is operating normally once again after a system anomaly Friday night led to delays.


A problem with a signal at a station close to the airport meant that passing trains had to switch from high-speed automatic mode to a slower, manual mode. Services were affected from 9:30 to 11:30pm Taiwan time, with delays of eight to fifteen minutes. Passengers reported trains stopping and starting, as well as coming to a standstill altogether.


Repairs to fix the problem were completed early Saturday, and normal services resumed after eight test runs showed no further problems.


Friday’s system anomaly was the first glitch to hit the airport line since services began at the beginning of the month. It is still unclear how many passengers were affected by the delays.


The Bureau of High Speed Rail, which supervises the airport metro’s operations, said Saturday that similar signal anomalies had happened during the metro line’s testing stages. The bureau says it has asked the airport metro company to step up the frequency of system settings checks and to improve its standard operating procedures with the lessons learned from the incident.