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Han Kuang exercises to use civilian drone operators


This year’s Han Kuang military exercises in May and June will feature Coast Guard officers and civilian Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) operators for the first time. As in previous years, however, the drills will be divided into two parts: computer-simulated war games and live-fire exercises.


The defense ministry said the computer simulations will not focus on whether the defensive or the attacking side wins. Instead, the simulation will help officers make correct decisions and improve combat readiness. As for the live-fire drills, civilian drone producers and operators will be taking part in the drills for the first time. Civilian construction companies will also take part in simulating the repair of airstrips taken out by air strikes.


Meanwhile, China is holding live-fire drills in the waters off the Zhoushan Islands of Zhejiang province over the next two days. Defense ministry spokesperson Chen Chung-chi said Taiwan is closely monitoring China’s actions.