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MAC calls on US not to use Taiwan as a bargaining chip

  • No bargaining chip

    No bargaining chip

    Chang tells the media Taiwan is not a bargaining chip. (CNA)

Taiwan’s top China policymaker Katherine Chang is calling on the United States not to use Taiwan as a bargaining chip. The head of the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) was speaking Monday at the legislature.


Chang’s comments came ahead of a planned meeting between US President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, in April.


Chang said Washington and Beijing should not mend fences at the expense of Taiwan.

“[Washington] should not use Taiwan as a bargaining chip, nor should it be used to [exchange] interests. Taiwan should never, ever be used as a pawn. We urge the United States to keep the pledges it made to us. We also call on China to communicate and hold talks with us even though the two sides across the Taiwan Strait have differing stances and points of view," said Chang. 


Meanwhile, Defense Minister Feng Shih-kuan told lawmakers that China has intensified its military threat against Taiwan. He said that’s evident in its purchase of Su-35 warplanes, the upgrading of J-20 stealth fighters, and the deployment of Dongfeng-16 medium range ballistic missiles.


Feng said that while the missiles could pose a threat to Taiwan, the military is capable of shooting them down before they reach the island. He said the military is also taking other measures to defend Taiwan. 


“[We] will upgrade our early warning [system] and strengthen our contingency mechanism. Also, [we] will build up defensive capabilities to demonstrate our determination to safeguard [Taiwan]," said Feng.