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Women’s time to promote peace: Annette Lu

  • Former Vice President Annette Lu

    Former Vice President Annette Lu

    Women’s time to promote peace: Annette Lu (CNA photo)

Former vice president Annette Lu has said the 21st century is the era of women. Lu was speaking Friday at the Women’s Caucus Conference sponsored by the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats.


In an interview, Lu praised President Tsai Ing-wen for becoming Taiwan’s first female president on her own merits. Lu said 99% of wars are started by men, and women should be peacemakers in the 21st century.


At the conference, Lu suggested Taiwan take the initiative in promoting regional peace, including the prospect of talks between North Korea and the United States.


“I hope that [we] can pass a resolution when today’s conference ends. [We can] use the conference’s name to write a formal letter to Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, urging them to exercise self-restraint. That’s because the Asia Pacific region is on the brink of nuclear war. [I hope] that they stay calm, not edgy," said Lu.