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Still on course for nuclear-free Taiwan: Tsai


President Tsai Ing-wen says the government stands by its goal of a nuclear-free Taiwan despite recent challenges to power generation. Tsai posted the message on her Facebook page on Friday.


The president was referring to a recent incident involving the Hoping Power Plant. The coal-fired plant saw its output affected by storms in late July. This led to concerns that the country may struggle to meet its power needs if nuclear power is phased out as the government intends.


Tsai said the government will use every possible means to ensure a steady power supply. However, she said nuclear power is no longer an option for the future. That’s because the country’s nuclear reactors must be decommissioned by 2025 under the Electricity Act.


The storm damage to the Hoping plant prompted the state power company Taipower to issue a red alert earlier this week. The prospect of power shortages was eased however after new generators were connected to the grid.


On Friday, Premier Lin Chuan said the economics ministry has given Taipower some suggestions.


"We can’t rely on one circuit only, we must have a backup circuit so the power won’t be cut off if one circuit runs into problems. Also, we must strengthen the national grid. The areas that that have been insufficient in the past must be strengthened in the future," said Lin.