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Premier: Hoping Power Plant may resume operations Monday

  • Work to bring the Hoping Power Plant back online

    Work to bring the Hoping Power Plant back online

    Work to repair a damaged transmission tower at the Hoping Power Plant in eastern Taiwan. (Photo Courtesy Ministry of Economic Affairs) (CNA)

Premier Lin Chuan says that the Hoping Power Plant in eastern Taiwan could resume operations on Monday.


The privately-run plant has been unable to supply power to the grid since Typhoon Nesat damaged a transmission tower in late July. The government has shut down air conditioning at government offices during the afternoon because of the resulting power shortage.


On Sunday, Premier Lin Chuan shared a Facebook post originally written by the economics ministry. The post said that work on repairing the damaged transmission tower has finished ahead of schedule. Lin added that tests on the tower and on the power plant’s generators are also moving forward ahead of schedule.


He said that once the plant goes back online, it will be able to supply up to 1.3 million kW/h of electricity, easing Taiwan’s power supply crunch.


Meanwhile, in an interview Sunday with Taiwan’s Central News Agency, Cabinet spokesperson Hsu Kuo-yung said that the plant’s first generator is already back online. Hsu said the first generator is now running at full capacity, and that he hopes the second generator will also return to its full capacity Sunday afternoon.