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Taiwan pharmaceutical industry looks southward


Taiwan is seeking cooperation with target countries of the New Southbound Policy in the area of pharmaceuticals. That’s according to Wu Shou-mei, the head of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The government’s New Southbound Policy seeks closer ties with Australia, New Zealand, and the countries of South and Southeast Asia.


Wu was speaking Wednesday at the opening of the PIC/S Annual Seminar in Taipei. The annual seminar is hosted by the Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention and Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme, the world’s leading authority on the inspection of pharmaceuticals. This is the first time the seminar was been held in Taiwan.


Wu said that Taiwan has put forward a great deal of effort to join the organization and is proud to host its seminar for the first time this year. She also said that Taiwan’s pharmaceutical companies are looking to work with their counterparts in Southeast Asia.

"Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, New Zealand and Australia- these target nations of Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy have become PIC/S’ member nations," Wu said. "We are looking to promote more exchanges among pharmaceutical companies, because we and our neighbors can cross-inspect our medicines, which will allow us to sell our products to those countries. This is how we make our entrance into the international market."



The FDA says 134 pharmaceutical companies from Taiwan have been certified by the PIC/S, and that the certification process will facilitate exports of Taiwanese medicine.