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Fishermen stranded near Japanese island rescued


Ten Taiwanese fishermen on two boats have been rescued after being stranded at sea near Japan's Miyako Island during Typhoon Talim on Wednesday. That’s according to the Fisheries Agency on Thursday.


The two boats were operating northeast of Miyako when they sought shelter upon learning that the typhoon was forecast to move toward Japan.


Japanese authorities offered to help the 10 crew members find accommodation on the island. As a result, six of them landed on the island and took shelter. The other four decided to stay aboard their boat to respond to emergencies. However, that boat broke from its mooring and drifted out to sea. The Japanese Coast Guard launched a rescue mission and towed the boat back to shore. However, the ship sustained damage and later sank. The crew were unharmed.


Taiwan’s Fisheries Agency confirmed on Thursday morning that all ten fishermen are safe.