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TAITRA urges ties with Chinese businesspeople in Philippines

  • Taiwan Expo 2017

    Taiwan Expo 2017

    Taiwan Expo 2017

Taiwan EXPO 2017 in the Philippines is opening up many new business opportunities. Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) Chairman James Huang says there are significant plans in the making due to talks at the expo.


The Philippines’ biggest ecommerce company, Abenson, is planning to increase purchases of Taiwanese products. The company is also planning a visit to Taiwan. 


Meanwhile, ten Taiwanese seafood businesses and importers met with about a hundred Filipino businesses, and they also held a forum on aquaculture techniques. Together those helped generate a lot of new business opportunities as well.

TAITRA Chairman James Huang said that Chinese businessmen in the Philippines could also play a big role in strengthening economic ties.

“We can be proactive in boosting contact and interaction with Chinese businesspeople," said Huang. "The second generation is more dynamic in their thinking and has many interests. They are more willing to try new things. So there should be many opportunities to have exchanges between Taiwan businesses and the second generation Chinese businesspeople. I think our future ASEAN strategy should be to focus on interacting with this group of businesspeople.”

The final Taiwan Expo of the year will be held in Malaysia in November.