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Tsai hopes for positive interaction with China at APEC


President Tsai Ing-wen said Thursday that she hopes the Taiwanese delegation to the APEC summit will be able to interact positively with the delegation from China. James Soong, chair of the minority People First Party, has been nominated as Taiwan’s representative to the summit.


Tsai said, “We will promote regional prosperity and sustainable development through our interaction with the leaders of each country, especially through cooperation with countries with whom we share close economic and trade partnerships. We are also willing to have goodwill interaction with mainland China under the APEC framework, and together make a positive contribution to advancing the goals and objectives of APEC.”


Tsai’s representative to attend the summit, James Soong, is well known to Beijing and has previously met many members of the current Chinese leadership.


The president said the delegation would comprise officials as well as figures from industry and academia. She said Taiwan must take every opportunity to take part in such international events, to make known Taiwan’s contributions to regional development.