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Taiwan hosts World Hospital Congress for first time

  • Vice President Chen Chien-jen

    Vice President Chen Chien-jen


The Taiwan Hospital Association and the International Hospital Federation (IHF) jointly hosted the 41st World Hospital Congress on Tuesday. The IHF is the largest non-profit organization under the World Health Organization (WHO). It is the first time that Taiwan is hosting an event of such scale under the WHO, even though Taiwan is not a member.


Vice President Chen Chien-jen said at the congress that more than 850 experts from 48 countries are attending. He said it is a milestone for Taiwanese hospitals to have exchanges with other hospitals in the international arena.


Chen noted that the theme for this year’s congress is “Patient-friendly & Smarter Healthcare.” He said this is the very direction that Taiwan is taking. He said that he hopes all Taiwan’s hospitals will become smart hospitals providing local and overseas patients with better care.


"I also want to make a personal appeal to everyone here…please exert your influence and continue to support Taiwan’s participation in international medical and healthcare organizations and activities. Taiwan will be using all means and our disposal to prove that we can make even greater contribution to human health," Chen said.