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Lai: Companies should share the wealth with employees

  • Premier William Lai

    Premier William Lai

    Lai said companies should share the wealth with employees. (CNA photo)

Premier William Lai has called on Taiwan’s companies to distribute their profits to the employees by raising wages.

The Cabinet held a press conference on Friday to introduce latest strategies to tackle shortages in labor and professional talent. The premier said he hopes companies will act to address a longstanding problem of stagnant wages.


Lai said, "[Companies] should make sure that their profits are distributed to their employees. At the same time, starting salaries need to be higher. For our listed companies and international corporations, it is too low to offer less than NT$30,000 as a starting wage. The statistics office said an average starting salary is around NT$28,000. I think there is room for increase."

The Cabinet also outlined a number of new strategies to tackle the shortage of labor. They include new laws to facilitate recruiting older professionals, improving working conditions for jobs with harsh environments, and setting up a dedicated recruitment platform for major investment projects.

The Cabinet also plans to implement tax breaks and relax laws to make it easier for foreign professionals to stay in Taiwan. The Cabinet also encourages talent exchanges between Taiwan’s local companies and companies from Southeast Asian nations.