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Delegation successfully completes its mission: Taiwan’s APEC envoy

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    James Soong and his daughter arrive back in Taiwan (CNA)

Taiwan’s APEC envoy, James Soong, says the APEC delegation has successfully completed the mission that President Tsai Ing-wen gave them. Soong was speaking on Monday during his meeting President Tsai.


Soong is the chair of the opposition People First Party. He returned to Taiwan from Da Nang, Vietnam on Sunday afternoon after attending the two-day Leaders’ Summit.


Soong said that political affiliation did not factor into the delegation’s efforts to let the world see Taiwan and hear about Taiwan’s struggles in an unfavorable political climate.


Soong said President Tsai had given him a task before his departure, which is telling the world what the Republic of China is capable of contributing to the global community. The Republic of China is Taiwan’s official name. 


“This time we used different methods in different settings to show the representatives and leaders of different countries our willingness [to work together]. As long as we’re capable of contributing something, then we let them know. We’re willing to share our experiences and limited resources with other countries [because] it is mutually beneficial," said Soong.


Soong said he interacted naturally with Chinese President Xi Jinping and that the delegation did not come under pressure from China.