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2017 International Austronesian Conference under way in Taipei

  • 2017 International Austronesian Conference

    2017 International Austronesian Conference

    Opening ceremony of 2017 International Austronesian Conference (CNA)

The 2017 International Austronesian Conference is under way in Taipei. This year’s theme is “Cultural Heritage and Community Empowerment: Taiwan’s Southbound Connection.”


The conference is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and the Council of Indigenous Peoples. Some of the focuses this year include: the importance of museums to indigenous people, cultural assets as a link to the region, and the impact of the media on cultural transmission.


Officials and scholars of Austronesian culture from 13 countries have been invited to share their experiences, including participants from the Philippines, Indonesia, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Tahiti, and Japan.


At the opening ceremony on Monday, Vice President Chen Chien-jen called for greater cooperation.


“[I] would like to thank experts from different countries for sharing your valuable experiences and wisdom. The suggestions you make will serve as an important reference for the future direction of our indigenous policies. I would also like to urge all of our distinguished guests to take this opportunity to learn more about Taiwan and Taiwan’s indigenous peoples, so that we can build international links fostering cooperation between Taiwan’s indigenous peoples and Austronesian peoples throughout the world," said Chen.