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Military pensions must be sustainable: Presidential Office


Pension reforms for military personnel balance their rights and interests with the need for a sound and sustainable system. That’s the word from Presidential Office spokesperson Sidney Lin on Tuesday.


Lin rejected claims that the National Pension Reform Committee was breaking promises by not holding dialogue with the persons concerned. That’s after a protest on Monday by veterans who claimed that the committee broke promises on proposed reforms.


Lin said the government’s stance on the proposed military pension plan is clear. He said, "Regarding the military personnel’s pension reform, the government’s attitude is very clear. It takes into serious consideration the special nature of military service…we have looked to other countries’ models to form the most appropriate system for veterans. We look for a pension system that is sound and sustainable, that guarantees a life without worry after retirement for every member of our armed forces who has contributed to the country."


Lin said details of proposals will be announced in the next few days for feedback from the public.