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Remove obstacles to wind power development: Shih

  • Vice Premier Shih Jun-ji

    Vice Premier Shih Jun-ji

    (CNA file photo)
Vice Premier Shih Jun-ji says the government will help to remove obstacles to the pursuit of offshore wind power. Shih was speaking Tuesday at an international forum on the risks behind offshore wind power and the outlook for the industry.
Shih said phasing out nuclear power is an important national policy. He said the Cabinet has been working to develop green energy sources and transform the national energy mix. He also said the development of offshore wind power and funding from the financial sector will be keys to making this happen.
Shih said the government plans to invest close to NT$9 billion (US$300 million) on underwater pylons and heavy cargo wharves needed for wind power infrastructure. At the same time, he said the government will establish special wind power zones in Kaohsiung and Taichung.
Shih responded to remarks from an expert about challenges to the development of wind power in Taiwan. Shih said the prevalence of earthquakes and typhoons makes building wind infrastructure in Taiwan more difficult than elsewhere. He said meeting these challenges will be beyond the abilities of private initiative or the market, and said the government will provide help to overcome them.