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Barring of EPA head from UN meeting downplayed


Taiwan’s presence at a climate change conference in Germany marks a step forward. That’s despite the fact that the head of the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) was barred from the venue. That’s the word from foreign ministry spokesperson Andrew Lee on Tuesday.


This year’s UN Climate Change Conference is currently underway in the German city of Bonn. The head of Taiwan’s delegation, EPA chief Lee Ying-yuan, was unable to attend on Sunday due to obstruction from China. But Andrew Lee said the EPA head’s presence was in itself a positive step.


The fact that the head of the EPA is present this year is a positive development. Even though he himself was not able to enter the venue, other members of our delegation were able to do so and took part in the meeting’s activities.


The EPA head was also able to meet delegates from other countries.


The foreign ministry spokesperson said Taiwan’s delegation has also arranged dialogue on the sidelines of the conference to share Taiwan’s experience and action regarding climate change.