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Council of Agriculture aims to cut pesticide use in half over ten years

  • Deputy Agriculture Minister Chen Chi-chung

    Deputy Agriculture Minister Chen Chi-chung


The Council of Agriculture has set a ten-year target for halving the use of pesticides in Taiwan.


According to the council, farmers have applied over 9000 tons of pesticides to Taiwanese agricultural land over the past three years. The council says that over the last three years, an average of over 12kg of pesticides have been applied to each hectare of farmland. The council has adopted a series of policies designed to cut this average to 6.3kg per hectare in ten years’ time.


These policies also aim to get farmers to adopt less toxic pesticides and take measures to protect crops that do not involve chemicals. Deputy Agriculture Minister Chen Chi-chung said Wednesday that the government will also make halving the use of certain designated pesticides a priority.