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National Palace Museum exhibit showcases Egyptian mummies


The National Palace Museum has collaborated with the British Museum on a new exhibit bringing the latest discoveries from research into Egyptian mummies to Taiwan. 


"Egyptian Mummies: From the British Museum Exploring Ancient Lives" is a special exhibition that features the latest details uncovered from six mummies. Taking advantage of computer tomography, The British Museum has been able to render three-dimensional images of the mummies without opening their coffins.


The research team found that the six Egyptian mummies were of different ages and careers. The 3D images of these bodies show that their skulls, oral cavities, and parts of their torsos were stuffed with resin during the mummification process. The hearts, on the other hand, were left intact since they were believed to be the center of intelligence and memory.


The team also found that the number of mummified period increased during Roman times, as belief that the process could bring people back to life after death lingered on. According to researchers, the resulting mass production of mummies led to a clear decline in the quality of the mummies.