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Clear up confusion on labor law bill: Premier


Premier William Lai has asked ministries to clear up confusion surrounding a labor law amendment to help it pass the Legislature.


The bill passed its first reading at the Legislature on Monday amid much controversy. Lai told the Cabinet on Thursday that he hopes ministries will help dispel misunderstandings among the public regarding the law’s intent.


Cabinet Spokesperson Hsu Kuo-yung relayed the premier’s message.


Hsu said, “The amendment has entered the review phase which involves all parties. We hope the labor ministry, the economics ministry, the transportation ministry and the health ministry can help clear up confusion about the bill, and respond to constructive criticism. This will facilitate the review so that it will pass the third and final reading at the Legislature as soon as possible.”


Premier Lai said the new labor law aims to allow more flexibility in working hours. He said this befits to a more modern and more diverse labor structure in Taiwan.