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N Korea welcomed to Olympics despite nuclear tension


South Korea welcomes North Korea’s participation in the 2018 Winter Olympics. But tensions between the two sides will not recede given the North’s nuclear threat. 


The North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said on New Year’s Day that he is open to allowing his country to take part in the Winter Olympics, set to take place in the South. Pyongyang has also offered an olive branch of talks after the Games conclude and a hotline between the two sides has been reopened. But Kim also said in a message aimed at the United States that his country’s nuclear arsenal is now complete and capable of striking the continental US.


South Korea’s president, Moon Jae-in, said Tuesday that he has asked the Ministry of Unification and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to draw up a plan to assist North Korea’s participation.


Moon also responded to Kim’s earlier statement about mass-producing nuclear weapons. He said the nuclear threat is still the biggest hurdle between the two sides.