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Two new Taichung docks ready in next two years


Construction of two new docks in the Port of Taichung is expected to be completed by early 2020. That’s the word from Cheng Shu-hui, secretary-general of the Taichung branch of Taiwan International Ports Corporation.


The company began the construction of the docks in 2017 to provide infrastructure support to offshore wind farms. The 400-meter docks will have a number of functions, including ship docking, drainage, power supply and monitoring.


Cheng said on Wednesday work will finish in 2019 and the docks will provide sufficient power to build offshore wind farms. She said, "The structure of the 5A and 5B docks can support pressures up to 50 tons per square meter, making them the strongest in Taichung. The approach berth is special too, as we laid down a 1.5-meter-thick layer of gravel. The budget for the entire project is NT$1.4 billion (US$47 million). Construction began on June 11 last year. 5A is scheduled for completion by the first quarter of 2019, and 5B will be completed by Q1 2020."


The extension of port 106 began in December 2017. The port will facilitate the transportation of wind farm components upon its projected completion in 2020.