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Officers questioned over Zhou Hongxu spy case

  • Wang Ping-chung

    Wang Ping-chung

    New Party spokesperson Wang Ping-chung came forward on Tuesday to reject the accusations against him, including that he received money from China to operate the news network alleged to be a front for espionage. (Photo/CNA)

The defense ministry confirmed on Wednesday that two retired and four serving military officers have been interrogated by the Taipei District Prosecutors Office with regard to an espionage case.


Prosecutors on Tuesday charged Chinese student Zhou Hongxu with using members of the pro-unification New Party to set up a spy ring in Taiwan. The prosecutors found that the party’s spokesperson Wang Ping-chung had set up a news network funded by China’s Taiwan Affairs Office to recruit military personnel.


Defense ministry spokesperson Chen Chung-ji said that the six officers are being treated as witnesses in the case at this stage. Chen said, "They are there as witnesses. Maybe because they were old acquaintances [with the accused] or knew each other from the internet by hitting likes. That’s all. There was no further action from there. Related investigations are being conducted through judicial procedures right now. I cannot make further comment."