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Amazon subsidiary to set up innovation center in New Taipei


A subsidiary of e-commerce giant Amazon called Amazon Web Services (AWS), and the New Taipei City government announced on Thursday a plan to build a joint innovation center in the city.


Rong Yongkang, vice president of Amazon Web Services (AWS), said the center will help connect Taiwan with companies from 190 countries and help the transformation of the country’s industries. He said AWS's cloud service could substantially improve the efficiency of Taiwan's small and medium enterprises, as well as help promote their products around the globe.


The new center will work with local universities to train professionals in cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence.


The announcement came one day after Microsoft announced a plan to build an artificial intelligence (AI) research center in Taiwan. Economics minister Shen Jong-chin commented on the recent moves by foreign software and computer companies. He said foreign investment could help promote the development of AI technology in Taiwan and transform many industries. These include automotive electronics, circuit board printing, and manufacturing.