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Failure to give time off will be fined: Labor ministry


The labor ministry said Friday that employers who fail to abide by new regulations and give workers proper overtime compensation will face heavy fines.


The latest revision of the labor law cleared the legislature on Wednesday and is set to take effect on March 1. One article in particular has drawn heavy criticism. It stipulates that employees must get 1.34 or 1.67 times their regular wage for overtime work. Many believe this measure to be difficult to implement. Employers could get around the rule by granting days off in lieu of compensation, and then postpone them indefinitely.


The labor ministry said in response that employers who fail to grant proper compensation for overtime will face fines between NT$20,000 and NT$1 million (US$675 to $34,000).


A senior official in charge of working conditions also said Friday that employers are required by law to pay their employees remaining overtime wages or grant them days off by the end of each year.