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Ban on plastic drinking straws to take effect next year

  • EPA head Lee Ying-yuan

    EPA head Lee Ying-yuan

    Lee said a ban on plastic drinking straws will take effect next year. (CNA photo)

Starting next year, restaurants and shops in Taiwan will not be allowed to provide plastic straws for drinks. That was the word from the head of the Environmental Protection Administration, Lee Ying-yuan, on Tuesday.


The move is part of an effort to reduce marine pollution spearheaded by the Environmental Protection Administration and several civic groups. Lee said that his office has decided to use a ban on straws as a starting point.

“We hope that starting from next year, 2019, disposable straws will not be used anymore to a certain extent, including in the chain drink shop and restaurant industries. You can use a metal straw, or could just go without a straw at all and drink from the cup. We hope for a complete stop to the use of plastic bags in 2030, "said Lee.


The waste reduction plan also targets disposable utensils, which will be banned from restaurants in 2020.