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EPA unveils new air quality App


The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) has introduced an App that provides the public with the latest information on air quality in their neighborhood.


EPA head Lee Ying-yuan says App 3.0 is Taiwan’s first air quality App that makes use of big data and artificial intelligence. The App includes information gathered from the Central Weather Bureau’s 387 weather stations and the EPA’s 76 air quality monitoring stations.


Lee said App 3.0 is more precise than its predecessor which only provided an overview of conditions in Taiwan’s seven major air quality zones.


Lee also said App 3.0 is more up-to-the-minute with a forecast for the following twelve hours; its predecessor only had an overview of the following three days.


Since App 3.0 also includes information about the air quality index and concentrations of PM2.5, the EPA hopes it will make it easier for the public to plan outdoor activities.