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Gov’t responsible for handling cross-strait issues: Official

  • Presidential Office spokesperson Alex Huang

    Presidential Office spokesperson Alex Huang

    Huang said the gov’t is responsible for handling cross-strait issues. (CNA file photo)

Presidential Office spokesperson Alex Huang says cross-strait issues that involve public authority must be dealt with by the government.


Huang’s comments on Monday came on the heels of news that the chairman of the opposition Kuomintang (KMT), Wu Den-yih, is considering leading a delegation to China next month. The purpose of that trip would be to attend a joint-forum between his party and the Communist Party of China (CPC).


As a former vice president, in order to visit China, Wu is required by law to send an application to the Presidential Office. But Huang said the Presidential Office has yet to receive an application.


Huang explained the government’s stance on exchanges between the KMT and the CPC.


“In dealing with cross-strait ties, we believe that all political parties in Taiwan must stick to the basic principles of fair competition on the domestic scene, and unity on the international front. The Taiwanese people, regardless of whether they are from the ruling or opposition parties, must throw their full support behind the government’s handling of cross-strait ties. Any issues involving public authority must be discussed and solved by the two governments, so as to ensure the welfare of the people," said Huang.