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EPA to work with German team on finding air pollution sources

  • Research aims to trace sources of Taiwan air pollution

    Research aims to trace sources of Taiwan air pollution

    Taipei 101 is hidden in smog in this CNA file photo from March 4.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced on Wednesday that it will work with a German research team on investigating sources of air pollution in Taiwan.


During a press conference, the EPA said it will work with a research team from the University of Bremen to investigate the effect of overseas pollution on Taiwan’s air quality. The EPA says the German team will fly aircraft mounted with sophisticated equipment over Japan, South Korea and the South China Sea to research air quality in those areas.


EPA Minister Lee Ying-yuan says the research will provide detailed data on the flow of polluted air at different altitudes. He says the EPA will also conduct its own research in the Taichung area. The project will use unmanned drones to track pollution in the area and determine the impact of a local power plant on air quality.