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Lawmaker urges zero tolerance for suspected child sexual abusers

There’s a move under way to prevent suspects of child sexual abuse from being released on bail. A ruling party lawmaker is calling for the new measure in order to prevent more crimes from happening. 
DPP Lawmaker Lee Li-feng held a press conference on Tuesday along with representatives of several children’s rights groups. They’re shining a light on the rise in child sexual abuse cases in the internet age. Lee says judges should consider the fact that abusers can now duplicate and broadcast materials featuring the exploitation of children online. The lawmaker also says that child sexual abusers have a high likelihood of becoming repeat offenders. 
Lee says she hopes courts will refrain from granting bail to those held on suspicion of child sexual abuse in order to prevent them from committing further crimes. 
According to statistics from ECPAT Taiwan, a network that works to end child sexual exploitation, the number of cases of people sharing images of child sexual exploitation rose from 222 cases in 2016 to 1,103 in 2017. 
Meanwhile, the Taipei Women’s Rescue Foundation says it has received emergency calls from victims younger than ten years of age. The children’s rights groups are calling on the courts to have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to these cases.