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Tsai encourages overseas Taiwanese to invest in Taiwan


President Tsai Ing-wen met with a group of overseas Taiwanese businesspersons and encouraged them to invest in Taiwan.


Tsai highlighted March’s export value which reached a record monthly high of nearly US$30 billion. She also spoke about the government’s investment in new emerging industries.


Tsai said, "Currently, Taiwan is making new investments in green energy, smart cities, new agricultural technology and other fields. I hope that everyone will take this opportunity to take a good look at what’s going on in Taiwan and consider coming back to invest in Taiwan."


In the group were business leaders from New Zealand and Australia. President Tsai also highlighted Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy, which is strengthening ties with that region along with Southeast Asia.


President Tsai said that the fundamentals of Taiwan’s economy are looking good and the government is supporting the transformation of Taiwan’s industries. She said she hopes they can see Taiwan’s rapid development and progress and that it is a good place to invest.