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Chinese drill on Wednesday part of psychological warfare: NSB

  • Peng Sheng-chu

    Peng Sheng-chu

    Peng Sheng-chu (CNA photo)

The National Security Bureau says China’s live-fire drill on Wednesday is part of psychological warfare. The bureau’s head Peng Sheng-chu was speaking in an interview on Monday.


The Chinese military exercise in the Taiwan Strait is about 175 kilometers from Taiwan and 60 kilometers from the off-shore island of Kinmen.


Peng said the drill should be a routine mission as the area holding the exercise is only 10 to 20 kilometers. Peng also said there are no signs of large-scale or unusual moves of Chinese troops.


Peng said while the Chinese media called the drill a warning against moves towards Taiwan independence, it is part of its cross-strait psychological and media warfare.


A defense ministry report also called the drill a routine mission, adding that China’s military threat signals that its carrot-and-stick approach remains unchanged.


Taiwan has strengthened its military readiness by stepping up patrols at sea and vigilance in the air. The military called on the public not to dance to China’s tune.