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Personal data given out 70,000 times in 2 years

  • Recent report

    Recent report

    Recent report by Taiwan Association for Human Rights (CNA photo)

The Taiwan Association for Human Rights gave a report on Monday on the transparency of Taiwan’s Internet. It believes there needs to be a better monitoring system for the giving of personal data.


The Taiwan Association for Human Rights’ newest finding is that from 2015 to 2016, there were nearly 70,000 requests for personal data. Telecom operators responded and provided the data in all of those requests.


The association’s manager Ho Min Hsuan said he believes there needs to be a standard to monitor these requests for personal data. That’s because the telecom operators gave the data 100% of the time. He noted that other companies, such as Microsoft and Google, only gave out info half of the time.


The national police bureau said the personal information was given after considering national security and public safety. But the bureau also believes there should be a monitoring system for such requests.


The association said there is risk of abuse of power in receiving personal data and that transparency reports can help monitor this issue.


Ho also found that some software such as guardian angel blocked out the same-sex hotline and Taiwan’s Alliance to End the Death Penalty websites. Ho said that the standard for freedom of speech needs to be reviewed.


Lawmaker Yo Mei-nu said that internet data is a new issue that can’t be governed by laws alone. She said that the Cabinet needs find the balance between information security and transparency.