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Tsai highlights progress in US-Taiwan relations


President Tsai Ing-wen highlighted progress in US-Taiwan relations as she met a delegation from the think tank, the American Enterprise Institute, on Monday.


She said that US-Taiwan ties have made much progress in the past year. This includes US President Donald Trump’s announcement of arms sales to Taiwan. The US has decided to grant a license that is necessary for American firms to sell Taiwan the technology to build its own submarines. President Tsai said that this will help maintain cross-strait peace in the region.


China has opposed the move but the US says that the decision was made under the Taiwan Relations Act, which enables the US to help Taiwan defend itself.


President Tsai said that the US is an important and reliable partner to Taiwan. She highlighted the Taiwan Travel Act, which allows for greater high level exchanges between the two sides. She said the passing of that last month should lead to even stronger ties and exchanges. She hopes to see the two sides deepen their strategic partnership and cooperation in politics, security, economic and culture.