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Innovative lychees get president’s nod of approval

  • Taiwanese lychees

    Taiwanese lychees

    President Tsai (center) traveled to Taichung, central Taiwan, on Monday for a closer look at Taiwan's prized lychees. (CNA photo)

President Tsai Ing-wen says that new agricultural innovations have made it possible for lychee farmers in the central city of Taichung to export their produce to Japan.


At a press conference to highlight the achievement on Monday, the president spoke about how new technology had made it possible to maintain the freshness and color of the fruits.


Tsai also spoke about recent remarks from the American Chamber of Commerce, which said that Taiwan’s government had solved a lot of problems in a short period of time. The president attributed that to peaceful transitions of power.
Tsai also spoke about the government’s efforts to set up a company that has made strides in promoting the nation’s agricultural products around the world.


She said other positive developments have included making it easier for young farmers without land to get insurance, and providing school students with healthy lunches made with locally grown produce.