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Taipei university holds annual robotics competition

  • Robotics competition

    Robotics competition

    A robotics competition held Tuesday at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. (CNA photo provided by National Taiwan University of Science and Technology)
A Taipei university on Tuesday held its 25th annual robot challenge contest for engineering students.
The scene was a lot less combative than the robot wars you may have seen on television. These robots are not fighting it out to the death with axes and chainsaws. But the ingenuity involved is not less complex. At National Taiwan University of Science and Technology on Tuesday, students from the mechanical engineering department took part in an annual robotics competition now in its 25th year.
The robots, designed by teams of students from scratch, must pick up ping pong balls and carry them over an obstacle course before depositing different colored balls in different buckets. The exercise tests not only the students’ design capabilities but also their abilities as operators, with a deft hand needed to navigate the obstacles en route.
Contestant Wang Yi-kai said his team had to find a way to prevent their robot from toppling over when confronted with steps. He also send the end-of-term contest was a great way for the students to turn the theoretical knowledge they have learned into practice.