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Economics Minister defends gov’t policy on nuclear power

  • Economics Minister Shen Jong-chin

    Economics Minister Shen Jong-chin

    Economics Minister Shen Jong-chin appears in this CNA file photo.
The economics minister has defended the government’s position on nuclear energy. That’s after former president Ma Ying-jeou recently criticized the Tsai Ing-wen administration’s plans to scrap nuclear power altogether. 
The minister highlighted the problems reversing the current policy would bring and responded to Ma’s remarks about the state of Taiwan’s power supply.
Economics minister Shen Jong-chin says that Taiwan must solve the issue of handling nuclear waste before any discussion about continuing to use nuclear power can go forward.
Shen was responding on Monday to earlier comments by former President Ma Ying-jeou about plans to phase out nuclear power by 2025. Ma said that opposition to nuclear power is no longer a global trend, and that Taiwan faces a shortage of electricity.
Shen said that none of Taiwan’s cities or counties wants to host a nuclear waste site, creating a serious problem for any future nuclear power in Taiwan. 
Shen also said that Taiwan is not facing a power shortage. He cited the reserve operating capacity of active nuclear reactors and pointed out the recent return to service of reactors that had been under repair.