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Science ministry celebrates 60 years of integrated circuits

The Ministry of Science and Technology has announced a series of upcoming events commemorating 60 years of integrated circuits (IC) and Taiwan’s achievements in the field. 
This year marks 60 years since the invention of the integrated circuit (IC). The science ministry held a press conference Wednesday announcing plans to celebrate Taiwan’s achievements in IC development and manufacturing. 
Representatives from local tech giants including TSMC, Etron Technology, Pegatron and ASE were present for the announcement. 
The ministry played a short video looking back on the development of Taiwan’s IC industry. Science minister Chen Liang-gee said in the video that many once considered IC as a technology with a limited outlook, but that Taiwan’s engineers were able to develop it into a technology that drives most of the world’s computer hardware today. Chen said people should remember this Taiwanese contribution to the world. 
The representatives of high-tech companies also spoke during the press conference. They said they hope the upcoming activities will help inspire more young talent to devote itself to the IC industry and help boost Taiwan’s competiveness.