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Economist Hu Sheng-cheng dies aged 78

Renowned economist Hu Sheng-cheng passed away on Tuesday at age 78. The Presidential Office said Wednesday that President Tsai has called Hu’s spouse and sent her condolences. 
Hu was born in the northeastern county of Yilan. He graduated in economics from National Taiwan University in 1962. In 1970, he earned a doctor’s degree in economics at the University of Rochester in the United States. 
Upon returning to Taiwan in the 1990s, Hu served in key positions of major economic institutions in Taiwan. They include Academia Sinica, Taiwan’s top research body; the Council of Economic Planning and Development in the Cabinet; the Financial Supervisory Commission and the central bank. 
Prior to his death, Hu was president of the Chung-hua Institution of Economic Research (CIER), a local economic think tank. CIER said it will set up a mourning hall for Hu.